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  1. Name Game
    Philly Pub ‘N Grub Revamped and Rebranded as Lox Stock & BarrelThe sports bar failed to make a connection with Fairmount and Franklin Town neighbors, so owner Jeff Katz went back to the drawing board.
  2. Name Game
    Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos Truck Rechristened as DistritoNo big deal: The Iron Chef is simply shoring up his Distrito brand.
  3. Name Game
    Perrier Further Distances Himself From Le Bec FinPerreir has asked Le Bec’s owners to remove his name from its downstairs bar.
  4. Name Game
    South Philly’s FrancoLuigi’s Drops the High Note CafeAside from the name change, most everything else will remain the same.
  5. Name Game
    Marc Vetri Needs a Name For His Big-Ass BurgerThink you’ve got a good name? Lay it on them.
  6. Name Game
    Barbara Lynch Names New Restaurant MentonIt’s named after the city on the Riviera, not the one in New Jersey.
  7. Name Game
    District 5 Changes Back to Metro CafeThe cafe adjacent to the Metro Hotel settles back into its former identity.