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  1. Mysteries
    Why Doesn’t Lin-Manuel Miranda Have His Own Sardi’s Caricature Yet?Only one Broadway honor continues to elude the Hamilton creator and star: a portrait at the Times Square institution.
  2. Coming Soon?
    Mysterious ‘City Subs’ Sign Gives Brooklynites Hope Their FavoriteBut why would the beloved City Sub suddenly pluralize its name?
  3. Mysteries
    Fusilligate: The Mystery of Michael White’s Octopus-and-Bone-Marrow Pasta“After grilling the suspects individually, we’re happy to report that we’ve pretty much cracked the case.”
  4. Mysteries
    Fusilligate: Who Really Created Marea’s Famous Octopus-and-Bone-MarrowNew evidence suggests a chef other than Michael White actually put the famous pasta together.
  5. Sardines For Dinner
    All of British Columbia’s Sardines Are Missing“I think they didn’t come to the surface this year.”
  6. Mysteries
    Today’s Mystery: James Beard Winner Opening a Restaurant in Concord CenterWho could it be?
  7. Mysteries
    Tootsie Roll Keeps Things Under WrapsThe 116-year-old company is very secretive about how the Junior Mints get made.
  8. Mysteries
    Is Bud’s Ale House in Astoria Secretly a New Hooters?Evidence suggests the purported microbrewery is probably another macro-boobery.
  9. The Great Outdoors
    Oh La La: Le Dîner en Blanc, a Mass Chic Picnic, Comes to TownGet ready for a mass chic picnic!
  10. Mysteries
    Batter Up IndeedClemens eats Kowloon; Ortiz goes for sausage.
  11. Answers
    Food and Drink Mysteries: SolvedWondering why Guinness’s bubbles sink, and what’s with the Dum Dums “Mystery” flavor? We have answers.
  12. Mysteries
    Are Joe’s Superette’s Prosciutto Balls Alive and Well on PrinceNewcomer Prince Street Pizza brought in a longtime Joe’s manager to make its balls.
  13. Mysteries
    Getting to the Bottom of Hilarious Hip-Hop-Themed Eatery Bon RappetiteAre Wu Tang Clams and Snoop Doggy Corn Dogs really a thing?
  14. Mysteries
    Has Ruth Bourdain’s Identity Been Revealed?Lee Dean says it’s Robert Sietsema. Sietsema says it ain’t him.
  15. Temporary Closings
    Falai Has (Temporarily) Flown the Coop (Updated)The restaurant is closed owing to “technical difficulties,” whatever that means.
  16. Mysteries
    Can You Name the ‘Favorite Neighborhood Specialty Shop’ That’sThe mystery Brooklyn business is a “beautiful shop with an amazing selection of some of the finest craft beer, cheese, charcuterie, chocolate and coffee.”
  17. Truckin’
    Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Truck Isn’t Actually MissingSome food trucks clamor to get into Boston; Roxy’s flees the city under mysterious circumstances.
  18. Mysteries
    The Case of the Vanishing CoatsOuterwear has gone missing from NYC bars two nights in a row. Conspiracy?
  19. Mysteries
    Yes, Craigie on Main Was Indeed A Hot Spot the Other Night…
  20. Mysteries
    Spotted: David Chang in Cambridge Last Night … But With Whom?Who was at Craigie last night with David Chang?
  21. Marketing Gimmicks
    Did Stephen Tanner Pull a Joaquin Phoenix on LXTV?The Commodore chef hired an underling to pose as him for a TV interview.
  22. Mysteries
    The Case For Chris Douglass in Fort HillA restaurant with a great patio in an underserved neighborhood? Sounds like Chris Douglass to us!
  23. Mysteries
    The Battery Has a SecretThe Battery is closed and will reopen as…something.
  24. Openings
    Regal Beagle Coming to BrooklineThe onetime Takeshima space is finally getting a new occupant.