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  1. masterpieces
    D.C. Restaurant Won’t Add Trump to Its World-Famous Presidential MuralMama Ayesha’s painting features every POTUS since Eisenhower.
  2. Everyone’s a Critic
    Mural Outside Mission Cantina Destroyed by Artist Who Painted ItThe whole thing is kind of blue now.
  3. Trimmings
    Señor Fish Rains on Echo Park’s QuinceañeraThe restaurant’s expansion threatens a famous fifteen-year-old mural.
  4. Beef
    Neighbors Are Perplexed Over Rachael Ray’s PearsOne of Rach’s lackeys was put in charge of the murals, because the show didn’t want to pay Mural Arts to do it.
  5. Food TV
    Rachael Ray Gives a Vacant Lot Near Pat’s Steaks a MakeoverThe show is reportedly shooting a Philly focused episode next week.
  6. Foodievents
    Get Dirty With the Mural Arts ProgramDirty Frank’s is the first stop on this tour of bars and murals.
  7. Chocoholism
    Mysterious Mural Causes Chocolate CravingsBut does anyone know what it means?
  8. Mediavore
    Shooting at Mission Pizzeria; Burrito Eating Champ Crowned
  9. Closings
    Drew Nieporent ‘Interested’ In Café des Artistes?Will the murals live another day?
  10. Trimmings
    Veselka Installs New Mural As It Prepares for Bowery Build-OutThe story behind Arnie Charnick’s new one, ‘Keys to the City.’
  11. Trimmings
    Food Blogger Splurges for Veselka’s MuralWe’re totally jealous.
  12. For Sale
    Veselka’s Mural Can Be YoursThe restaurant is planning to expand, and Arnie Charnick’s painting needs to go.