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  1. food media
    Vice’s Munchies Is OverIt sounds like this is the end for the vertical that kicked off Action Bronson’s food career.
  2. the grub street diet
    Munchies’ Farideh Sadeghin Is a Regular at Her Local Slice Joint“I like to go in there and talk shit with Massimo, the owner.”
  3. video feed
    How Daisuke Nakazawa Became One of America’s Most Celebrated Sushi ChefsHe talks about his sushi style and training under Jiro, and eats at Katz’s.
  4. Science
    Chillest Scientists Ever Explain Why Pot Causes the MunchiesIt’s not your fault that you ate an entire pizza.
  5. Legalize It
    Colorado Restaurant Rolls Out Sushi-and-Weed-Pairing MenuPuff, puff, puffer fish.
  6. Munchies
    Roberta’s Is Throwing a Pizza-Tiki-Disco Party at BonnarooFor when you get the munchies.
  7. Munchies
    Chicago, Somehow, Is America’s #1 Late Night Munchies TownThere’s more late night eating here than you’d think.
  8. Munchies
    Rihanna Has Oreos and Haribo Under Her UmbrellaHungry grrrrl.
  9. Surveys
    Babson Kids Get the Munchies a LotThey just love their takeout!
  10. Food TV
    Vice Gives Osteria’s Jeff Michaud a Case of theAlla Spina will preview the new “Munchies” episode tonight at a special late-night happy hour.
  11. Video Feed
    Hang With Paul Kahan in 10-Minute VideoFollow Paul Kahan around as he talks and eats his food philosophy.
  12. Munchies
    Spice Market Lures MePa Partiers With New Late-Night MenuGet some food in your system.
  13. Unchained
    April Bloomfield: You Can Take the Girl Out of the Kitchen…Who doesn’t love April Bloomfield, seriously.
  14. Temporary Closings
    Munchies, Fedora Reopen; Meat-Stick Shack Remains ClosedPlus, more updates on recent shutterings.
  15. Temporary Closings
    Munchies Keeps Hope AliveThe home of the potato-chip and cheese dog ain’t dead yet.
  16. Temporary Closings
    Will Munchies Live to Serve Another Potato-Chip Hot Dog?The late-night spot (a pioneer in the gross-out dog) has unexpectedly shuttered.
  17. Booze News
    Unlikely BYOBThe home of the potato-chip hot dog will now let you bring your own Bordeaux.
  18. Curiosities
    Sadly Disappointing: The ‘Chip n Cheese’ Dog at MunchiesHot dog + potato chips + cheese: How could you go wrong?