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    What are L.A.’s Can’t-Miss Meals?Mozza and Kogi have L.A.’s can’t-miss meals, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine.
  2. Foodievents
    Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman Debut New Burger Restaurant Plans at CaneleA new burger restaurant could be on its way from Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman.
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    Mozza Pizzeria’s Late RewardsMozza might be hard to get a table, but specials await at the bar
  4. Setbacks
    Mozza Mama Loses PastaMario Batali’s business partner, Nancy Silverton, lost millions in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.
  5. User’s Guide
    Got $25,000? A Learjet and a Table at Mozza Await How can a Batali completist visit the chef’s new place in L.A. and get back in time to pay the babysitter? Here’s one option: Dial-A-Dinner, the concierge service that dispatches tuxedoed drivers to deliver grub from upscale eateries, runs a side business called Jet Dining. Founder David Blum says George Hamilton, Paris and Nicky Hilton, and Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman are among the clients who’ve requested, on as little as four hours’ notice, private jets to take them to far-flung restaurants. We dialed what Blum confusingly calls the “unlisted listed number” (212-643-1222) to find out how much it would set us back to check out some recently opened NYC-restaurant sister eateries around the country. (Blum says you can request an onboard meal from your favorite local eatery, but we discovered that you might have to settle for substitutions.)
  6. Back of the House
    Soup Nazi Ladles Out Ego; DiSpirito Waits Tables; ‘Top Chef’• Public hearing reveals support for trans-fat ban and printing of calories on fast-food menus. [NYT] • And KFC makes it official: minimal trans fats by April — coincidence? [NYS] • Soup Nazi ponders a self-glorifying museum at the site of his original store. [NYO] • Alerting us to video restaurant reviews, Andrea Strong somehow fails to nod to America’s Amusingest Food Videos. [NYP] • Public opens a wine bar; another izakaya, this one with buttons at the table to summon waiters; gourmet pizza on Bedford Avenue. [Strong Buzz] • Rocco DiSpirito waits tables with Gilbert Gottfried. (A benefit, not our dream reality show.) [NYP] • Batali goes bi-coastal: Pizzeria Mozza finally open. [Chowhound] • Absolut, Bacardi, and other reformed booze bizzies fork over $2.3 mil to end Spitzer probe. [NYS] • “Top Chef” Marisa busts out the bikini. [Chow]