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Morello Cherry

  1. What to Eat This Week
    The Ultimate Halloween Candy: Boozy, Delicious, and Boozy Chocolat Michel Cluizel, at the ABC store, is not for children — or the fainthearted. Unlike Max Brenner, a few blocks to the south on Broadway, there isn’t a festive vibe nor are there any novelty items like “The Bald Man’s” chocolate pizza. The signature item at Michel Cluizel is as serious as a heart attack: the chocolate-covered Morello cherry, which you must be 21 to sample — there’s so much kirsch, or cherry brandy, in each one that the store was forced to obtain a liquor license to carry it. The cherry — pit, stem, and all — is cured for nine months in the stuff, and there’s more still inside the intense blended chocolate shell. Candy that doubles as a cocktail? Never mind all year: We’ve been waiting for this our whole life.