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Moonstruck Diner

  1. The Grub Street Diet
    Actor Andrew Rannells Keeps Warm With Hot Toddies and Lumberjack Breakfasts“I have the diet of an alcoholic 12-year-old boy.”
  2. Temporary Closings
    Today in Bureaucracy: Trouble at Moonstruck, Professor Thom’s, andBig Brother is busy today.
  3. The New York Diet
    Actress Jackie Hoffman Grocery-Shops Like a Soccer MomActress and comedian Jackie Hoffman has one of those faces you’ve seen a million times but can’t quite identify — yet. She was the self-described “model” girlfriend of a blind man on Curb Your Enthusiasm and a rival cheese-ball maker to Amy Sedaris in The Book of Liz. Now she’s appearing in Xanadu on Broadway, a two-a-day schedule that has her eating breakfast at noon, lunch at five, and dinner at midnight. We checked in on her low-calorie-eating and bulk-buying habits.