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  1. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Plans to Sell Monster Energy DrinksThe chain insists this is “another example” of giving customers what they want.
  2. Health
    More Gum Woes: Wrigley Pulls Caffeinated Energy ProductNot a good week for gum.
  3. Health
    Monster Files Lawsuit on Same Day That FDA Announces Further Investigation onAnd in a twisted way, Monster and the FDA are on the same side.
  4. The Food Police
    Bernard Parks Tackles The Growing Problem of Juvenile Over-CaffeinationThe former LAPD chief is asking for warning labels, higher shelf placement, and purchase limits for energy drinks like Monster.
  5. Health
    Energy Drinks Are ‘Like Cocaine,’ Says CardiologistMore bad news for Monster.
  6. Lawsuits
    Monster Says Caffeine Didn’t Kill 14-Year-Old GirlThe company hired physicians to review her medical records.
  7. Amped
    Energy Drinks Cause Even More Trips to the ERSigh.