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  1. working conditions
    Inside the Fight to Unionize Tate’sA labor dispute has taken hold at the cookie company’s Long Island bakery.
  2. cookie drama
    The Company That Makes the Worst Cookies Will Buy Tate’s, the Best CookiesMondelez has purchased Tate’s for $500 million.
  3. Ownership of Vegemite Rightfully Returns to Only Country That Considers It FoodBega Cheese, another maker of questionable spreads, has bought it from Mondelez.
  4. Shortages
    Get Ready for a Chocolate ShortageThe industry’s top brands are spending $1 billion to increase cocoa’s productivity.
  5. Sweets
    The Oreo Boom: Behind the Surge in Sales for the Corn-Syrup-Laden ClassicArtisanal, schmartisanal. In the past decade, sales are up 60 percent, passing $2.5 billion a year.
  6. Health
    Another Giant Junk-Food Company Says It’s Now Going to Focus onMondelez is famous for producing Oreos and Ritz Crackers.
  7. Sweets
    Oreo Says Its New ‘Thin’ Oreos Weren’t Designed to Be TwistedThey’re too “sophisticated” for milk, apparently.
  8. Drama
    Feds Accuse Kraft of Manipulating Wheat PricesThe company allegedly pocketed $5.4 million.
  9. Chewed Up
    Gum Sales On the DeclineCould this be the end of Chiclets?
  10. Big Spenders
    Billionaire Could Change Structuring of PepsiCoHe has invested $2.7 billion in two big food companies.