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  1. The Other Critics
    No Stars for Michael’s; BYO Pillow for Lunch at KoWhat the other critics are saying in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  2. NewsFeed
    Momofuku Ko Serves Lunch: Fifteen More Reservations You Won’t GetYou’ll also need $160 and three hours.
  3. NewsFeed
    The Unfulfilled Promise of the Fall PreviewMetromix remembers what we were all so excited about in 2007.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    John’s Pizza Uses Canned Sauce; Military Helped Soldier Open Hipster BarA yummy BYOB Mexican cantina in Williamsburg, and a tribute to Bemelman’s Bar, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  5. NewsFeed
    Momofuku Ko May Soon Do Lunch, Vegetarian MenuDon’t think lunch will be any cheaper or easier to get into.
  6. NewsFeed
    Which Wine Bar Will Protesters Rage Against Now?Now that he has called off the fight against Bowery Wine Bar, we have some suggestions for a new bogeyman.
  7. NewsFeed
    Can’t Get Into Ko? ‘Journal’ Suggests Dim SumFood critic Ramond Sokolov is skeptical about chef’s counters.
  8. NewsFeed
    David Chang Gets a Bit More Media Exposure on ‘Charlie Rose’Facing the truth about Ssäm.
  9. NewsFeed
    Tom Colicchio Intends to Cook in New Restaurant“I wanted to do something where I’m doing the cooking.”
  10. NewsFeed
    David Chang Rescues Ko Girls From Totally Lame DatesThey came, they saw, they blogged.
  11. Mediavore
    Trans-Fat-Less Goods Still Tasty; Burger King’s ‘Healthy’ KidsPlus: Salmonella victims in Nassau County, learning knife skills from a book, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  12. NewsFeed
    Were the Latest Craigslisters a No-Ko Last Night?There were plenty of empty seats at Ko last night.
  13. NewsFeed
    Ko Seats Go for Almost $3,000Should auctions be a regular thing?
  14. NewsFeed
    Chang Bans Food Photography at Ko; Chefs, Bloggers Prove ResistantDavid Chang’s quixotic quest to ban cameras at Ko is earning its own wave of bloggy controversy.
  15. NewsFeed
    Protesters Rage Against East Village Wine BarsOne sign read BAN BELLINI, SAY YUCK TO YUPPIES.
  16. Mediavore
    Oprah’s Chef Headed to White House With Obama?; VIPs Get Ko Dishes atPlus: Gourmet eats at the ballpark, Marco Pierre White’s dress-code faux pas, salmonella-tainted tomatoes, and more in our morning digest of news and gossip.
  17. NewsFeed
    Ko-thario Ends Up ‘Eating Dirty Sex’ on DateThe saga of the Momofuku Ko-thario — the man who used Craigslist to leverage his extra seat at Ko into a date with Dominique of Dominique Eats Out — has come to an end
  18. NewsFeed
    Ko-thario Picks Food Blogger Over Atheist CarnivoreAccording to one of his potential Ko dates, he’s “funny, charming, lots in common, cute. Looks like a tall dark Jewish Michael Cera.”
  19. NewsFeed
    Ko Now Slightly Easier to Get IntoMomofuku Ko is now taking Tuesday reservations, meaning it’s open seven days a week.
  20. Mediavore
    Florent’s Legacy; Robert Mondavi, R.I.P.Plus: Why Frank Bruni likes Florent, great Websites for finding recipes, and more in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  21. The Other Critics
    Another Rave for Ko; Mixed Reviews on Bar QKo rave No. 35, San Domenico gets some rare Richman love, and Bar Milano comes up short, in our weekly critics roundup.
  22. NewsFeed
    Craiglist Ko-thario Reveals Himself As Creator of $12,000 KnishThe author of a Craigslist ad gloating about his Ko reservations and offering a seat up to any takers (preferably Brazilian porn stars or Padma Lakshmi) has come forward.
  23. NewsFeed
    Craigslister Offers a Seat at Ko to Hot FoodiesA reader sends us a Craigslist posting from a Momo-freako who is really hard up to go to Ko with a Brazilian porn star.
  24. Neighborhood Watch
    Ko to Serve Lunch?; Bar Carrera’s Expansion CompleteJosh Hartnett’s party spot and a Q&A with chef Philippe Massoud in today’s neighborhood food news.
  25. Mediavore
    Imagining Cipriani Without Liquor; Gael Greene’s Double Date’Top Chef’ might be heading north, Gael Greene’s double date, and more in our morning roundup of food news and gossip.
  26. The Other Critics
    Three Inevitable Stars for Ko; Five Surprising Stars for Eleven MadisonKo cleans up, despite all its hardships, but that’s no surprise; Restaurant Girl’s going gaga for Eleven Madison Park at this late day, though, is.
  27. NewsFeed
    Will Ko Break Bruni’s Four-Star Dry Spell? (Updated: No!)Bruni hasn’t thrown down four stars in 175 weeks, meaning that he has exactly matched the Times’ longest stretch without a four-star rave. What does this mean for Ko?
  28. The In-box
    Gael Greene’s Ko Conspirator Goes on the DefensiveBy now you might be almost as sick of hearing about Gael Greene’s and Tom Dobrowski’s Ko reservation debacle as you are of, say, trying to get a reservation at the place — but we thought we’d post Dobrowski’s latest e-mail to us by way of a coda.
  29. NewsFeed
    Gael Greene Takes David Chang to SchoolGael Greene finally weighs in on her date with Tom Dobrowski, the Craigslister who was accused of canceling his reservation at Momofuku Ko only to show up playing dumb.
  30. NewsFeed
    Ko Controversy: A Witness Emerges From the ShadowsA man who says he dined at Ko beside Gael and her Craigslist date offers his account of events.
  31. NewsFeed
    Gael Greene’s Craigslist Ko Date Speaks Out!After accusations that he may have reserved seats at Ko and canceled them after his Craigslist ad didn’t get any responses, Thomas Dobrowski, who doesn’t appreciate being called a “weird guy” by Frank Bruni, tell us about his date with Gael Greene.
  32. Beef
    Gael Greene’s Craigslist Date Keeps Getting ShadierThe Craigslist Ko diner not only kinda humiliated Gael Greene, but he used Frank Bruni as a name-dropped pawn. The nerve!
  33. NewsFeed
    Meet the DoppelchangerDavid Chang has a doppelgänger named David Chan. Or is it the other way around?
  34. NewsFeed
    Gael Greene Goes on a Craigslist Date at Ko, Stirs ControversyThe guy who posted a Craiglist ad asking for someone to pay for his dinner at Momofuku Ko actually got some takers — and some high-profile ones, at that. He told our own Gael Greene, his ultimate choice, that he turned down Frank Bruni for her.
  35. The Other Critics
    Ko’s First Non-Rave Finally Arrives; One Star for CommerceKo isn’t really all that to one critic, Benoit gets off with a bang, and Commerce takes a one-star hit from Frank Bruni this week.
  36. NewsFeed
    Adam Platt Speaks From the ShadowsAdam Platt speaks anonymously in a series of videos.
  37. NewsFeed
    Craigslister Will Take You to Ko — If You PayA reservation for you at Craigslist — all you have to do is pay for Tom.
  38. Neighborhood Watch
    Bar Milano Opens, Predicts Star Rating; Bruni Dines at KoThe owners of Bar Milano have (very) high hopes for the restaurant’s success, Bruni’s cronies finally score an online seat for him at Ko, and a recipe for bread pudding from Gramercy Tavern.
  39. NewsFeed
    Martha Stewart, Momofuku Blogger!Martha Stewart “visits” Momofuku on her blog, but did she take those beautiful pork-bun pictures herself?
  40. NewsFeed
    Wolfgang Puck Knows Not of This KoDoes Wolfgang Puck really not know about David Chang?
  41. NewsFeed
    Foodies Fight Programmers in Ko-Comments BloodbathFood nerds battle tech nerds over at Diner’s Journal.
  42. User’s Guide
    Take Your Dessert With a Grain of SaltForget savory desserts: Even traditional sweet ones are better with a little salt, as this slideshow demonstrates.
  43. NewsFeed
    Bruni Is Steamed Over Momofuku’s Reservation SystemNearly a month after Ko’s opening, the Times critic still hasn’t scored a table.
  44. NewsFeed
    Tickets! Tickets! Momofuku Ko! Tickets!A Saturday reservation at Momofuku Ko is up for grabs, assuming you have a Sunday slot to offer.
  45. NewsFeed
    Psychic Predicts Atomic Bomb, Momofuku’s SurvivalThe latest Urban Daddy newsletter is hitting in-boxes right about now, and today’s edition features an interview with noted psychic
  46. Back of the House
    Encounter David Chang in This Week’s ‘New Yorker’Late in Larissa MacFarquhar’s profile of David Chang, the Momofuku man makes a confession: “I’m slowly realizing that I’m a highly complex individual,” he says. It’s not an insight likely to surprise readers of the piece, which will appear in The New Yorker this week. Chang comes across as brilliant, inspired, and high-strung to the point of actually giving himself shingles, a diagnosis made by a doctor after the chef literally incapacitated himself with worry and anxiety. But if you want to get a sense of how intense Chang really is, just read the passage where he reads the riot act to a group of hapless Noodle Bar cooks, who had committed offenses ranging from using tongs on the family-meal chicken (a Chang bête noire) to cutting up the fish cakes for the ramen carelessly.
  47. NewsFeed
    Ko Reservation System, Day Two: You Missed the WindowAfter an extremely dicey launch yesterday, the Momofuku Ko reservation system seems to be functioning more or less like a normal Website today. As the site notes, reservations book one week in advance; booking for each new day begins at 10 A.M. So we leisurely logged on at 10:20 a.m. to check out the situation and were greeted with the ugly image at right. In under twenty minutes, and after 24 hours of some serious bugs, Chang’s keg for the week is already tapped. If you’re serious about scoring a table in the first month, best to get an intern on 9:55 a.m. duty.
  48. NewsFeed
    It’s Not a Good Day to Be a Restaurant WebsiteThere’s been some to-do over Momofuku Ko’s resy site going up and down (the latest: Momofuku is telling Eater that it’s the result of a concentrated attack; an eGulleter speculates that David Chang dropped beer on the server, but more troubling (in the long run, anyway) is the fact that the Shameless Restaurants board has been down for at least two days. The gossip “industry workers stories” site bounced back from a similar hiatus a while back; let’s hope, for the sake of juicy reads, that it’ll do the same this time. Shameless Restaurants [Lunar Pages]
  49. NewsFeed
    Momofuku Ko Reservation Site Live But Not WellEater is reporting that Momofuku Ko’s reservation site is live at reservations.momofuku.com, though we got several “Service Unavailable” messages before we succeeded in breaking through, only to get the message again when we tried again, at about 10:35 a.m. Reservations will be available a week to the day, except for Tuesdays, when the restaurant takes a breather from the hysteria. An eGulleter has managed to score a resy along with a telephone number that you can call if you’re the begging type. Ko-BOOM: Ko Resy Site Is Live (Almost!) [Eater]
  50. NewsFeed
    What Goes on Behind Momofuku Ko’s Closed DoorsWhile you wait with extremely bated breath for the Ko reservation Website to go live (don’t go thinking the general public is going to eat in there anytime before Wednesday), a snapshot of what was going on behind the heavily armored doors, at least for a brief moment last night: Occupying some of the fourteen precious seats were New York’s “sexiest chef” Johnny Iuzzini (and date), Shorty’s.32 star Josh Eden (and date), and former Bloomberg critic and current current GQ blogger Alan Richman with Time Out New York food editor Gabriella Gershenson (presumably not on a date). Every other minute, a curious passerby outside would stop and press his nose against the exterior’s ornate metalwork and just awkwardly peer inside for 30 seconds, trying his hardest to see something through the obscured windows. It was pure shamelessness, New Yorkers gawking like tourists, but who could blame them? The place looks like a dungeon from the outside. And all that attention no doubt made the lucky few on the inside feel all the more special, like prized little angelfish in Chang’s velvet aquarium. —Jessica Coen
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