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  1. closings
    Momofuku Ko Is ClosingThe last day for David Chang’s acclaimed tasting counter is November 4.
  2. the underground gourmet digest
    The Underground Gourmet’s Year-End DigestThe best new comfort food we ate in 2020.
  3. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Tasting Menus in New YorkThe top spots tend to be small and intimate chef’s counters where you can watch your dinner take shape.
  4. fall preview 2018
    Golden Diner Is the First Solo Project From a Major Food Group and Momofuku VetWith Xian-style gyros and chicken katsu BLTs, Queens native Sam Yoo appeals to both the short-order purist and the 21st-century gastronome.
  5. the underground gourmet review
    At Madcap Cafe, a Former Fine-Dining Whiz Makes Food She Really Likes to EatIf the food at this Carroll Gardens spot has a theme, it’s things that sound generic and slightly random on paper but taste unexpectedly great.
  6. the dish
    Momofuku Ko Bar Proves Cold Fried Chicken Can Be Just As Good As HotAt Dave Chang’s new à la carte annex to Momofuku Ko proper, it’s served by the piece and straight from the fridge.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Anna Wintour Orders One Baked Potato at Gallagher’s; Jon Hamm Goes to theThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  8. Interviews
    What Happened When Massimo Bottura Took Over Momofuku Ko’s KitchenChefs around the world swapped restaurants for last night’s Grand GELINAZ! Shuffle.
  9. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: 3 Stars for Momofuku KoThree stars for David Chang’s rebooted tasting counter.
  10. Grub Guides
    Modern Matcha: Where to Drink (and Eat) New York’s Latest ObsessionLattes, cocktails, pastries, and more.
  11. Reopenings
    First Look at the New, Improved Momofuku KoDavid Chang has expanded to comparatively titanic premises off the Bowery.
  12. Reopenings
    Momofuku Ko 2.0 Opens Friday; Here’s the Crucial Info [Updated]It’s dinner-only, has 40 seats, and they’re going to butcher a saddle of venison right in front of you.
  13. Planned Service Changes
    Momofuku Ko Klosed Last NightDavid Chang’s relocating the restaurant to Extra Place.
  14. Festivities
    Momofuku Noodle Bar Will Serve Throwback Menu to Celebrate 10-Year AnniversaryThere’s also going to be a special “peaches and cream” cookie at Milk Bar.
  15. Interviews
    Momofuku Ko Will Get Bigger, But Don’t Expect More SeatsThere’s going to be more leg room, and even a waiting area for diners.
  16. Grub Guides
    Spread It: 13 New York Restaurants That Take Butter Very SeriouslyIncluding Navy, Contra, and Betony.
  17. Opening Soon
    Confirmed: Momofuku Ko and Dirt Candy Will RelocateThey have CB3’s stamp of approval.
  18. Coming Soon
    John McDonald Opening Steakhouse and Oyster Bar in Former Veselka Bowery SpaceThe restaurateur stakes out an East Village spot for steaks.
  19. Relocations
    Momofuku Ko Is MovingThe twelve-seat chef’s counter first opened in 2008 on First Avenue.
  20. Foodievents
    Daniel Patterson Will Cook at Momofuku Ko Next MonthFor one night only on October 14.
  21. Grub Guides
    Spring Luxury: 20 Spots Serving Outstanding Morel Mushroom DishesMarietta, Colonie, and ABC Cocina are all serving the wild, seasonal ‘shroom.
  22. Top Notch
    Hey, New York Has 9 Restaurants on the ‘World’s 100 Best’ ListHere’s what moved (what shaked, too) on the 2013 list.
  23. Leftovers
    Tickets for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic; Momofuku Ko’s AnniversaryPlus: new entertainment at the Lambs Club, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  24. Oh Snap!
    Everyone: Taking Food Pictures in Restaurants Is Not That ComplicatedShutter to think.
  25. Shivers
    More on Fancy Restaurants With Raunchy KitchensKitchen rats: no longer a metaphor.
  26. Empire Building
    Casual to Cachet: How Chefs Flipped the Model for Restaurant ExpansionMore and more chefs are opening casual restaurants before moving into fine dining, a complete reversal of the traditional model for growth.
  27. Oh Snap!
    Shutter: Let’s Talk About Taking Pictures in RestaurantsPhoebe Damrosch lays some ground rules for the latest restaurant-dining irritant.
  28. Two-Night Stands
    Laurent Gras Teaming With Momofuku Ko for Pop-up DinnersWe can only imagine the fourteen-course explosion of awesomeness that will result.
  29. Bookshelf
    Ko’s Jonathan Ory Brings Back Fabled ‘Bone Dinner’ forThe Momofuku Ko chef reimagines a tasting menu from the 1971 restaurant Food, and contemporary artists join in.
  30. Gastronomics
    The Crowded Restaurant Conundrum: Why We’re All Gluttons for PunishmentFelix Salmon examines why what’s painful for customers is often profitable for restaurants.
  31. Other Critics
    Voice Critic ‘Pissed Off’ by Brit’s New York TourRobert Sietsema lashes out at A.A. Gill, but is it Sietsema who got it wrong?
  32. Beef
    San Francisco Responds to Chang’s DissAfter San Francisco makes David Chang’s hate list, proponents slap back.
  33. Price Check
    Ko Hikes PricesFor lunch and dinner.
  34. Tough Tables
    The Five Toughest Reservations in AmericaIt’s the great debate among restaurant lovers: What’s the toughest table to score?
  35. Presidential Eats
    What Other Date Spots Did the Obamas Consider?A look at the presidential pros and cons.
  36. Beef
    Foig Furor: Pâté Police Hit MomofukuDavid Chang meets foie gras protesters face-to-face.
  37. Lists
    Déjà ChewThe latest list of “hot tables” seems awful familiar.
  38. Lists
    No Mo’ MomoPlus, Ko is conspicuously absent in ‘Travel & Leisure”s list of Top 50 new restaurants.
  39. Entreaties
    Okay, It’s Time to Stop Comparing Every New Restaurant to MomofukuIt’s getting Momo-notonous!
  40. Menus
    Menu Surfing: Prepping for Spring, Ko Lunch Still Seventeen Courses DeepPlus: a new reservation strategy.
  41. Awards
    David Chang Continues to Win Awards You Never Knew ExistedBoth Bravo and USA are getting in on the Changbang.
  42. Huh?
    Co. or Company?How do you pronounce the name of Jim Lahey’s new pizza joint?
  43. Momofuku Madness
    What Strawberry Milk Taught Us in 2008“That feeling of lukewarm wetness spreads like wildfire.”
  44. The Other Critics
    Bruni’s Best of 2008; Kefi’s Welcome ReturnPlus: Italian-American cuisine in Dyker Heights and pork overload at Irving Mill, in our weekly review roundup.
  45. Gift Ideas
    What to Get Your Frenemy: Ko Gift Cards!Plus, the crown jewel of the Momofuku empire will be open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
  46. Spot Check
    Ko Is Slightly Less Impossible During the HolidaysThere were still seats open as late as this morning.
  47. Spot Check
    Which Reservation System Is More Infuriating: Tom’s or Ko’s?We tried out both today.
  48. Mediavore
    Joey Chestnut Reigns Over Pizza; Gossipy Memoir From Pino LuongoAlso in our news roundup: an alternative to Momofuku Ko, and a lesbian bar revitalized.
  49. Guide Books
    Zagat 2009: Per Se, Ko, Asiate, USC Emerge VictoriousLess New Yorkers are dining out, but those still eating have spoken via the annual Zagat guide.
  50. Annals of Ko
    Ko No-Show Issues?The real tragedy of Ko’s reservation system is when there are several empty seats going to waste.
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