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  1. Video Feed
    Modernist Cuisine’s Towering Gingerbread House Really Takes the CakeWe’re talking laser-etched pastry and Gothic stained-glass windows made from Jolly Ranchers.
  2. Bookshelf
    Modernist Cuisine Will Release a Bread BookYou can hope and dream, but it’s probably not going to include banana bread.
  3. Leftovers
    Manresa Cookbook Signing; Blue Hill Releases Sweet-Potato YogurtPlus: L’Apicio’s pig roast, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  4. Bookshelf
    The Photography of Modernist Cuisine Comes Out in OctoberNathan Myrhvold wants to know if you’re feeling what he’s feeling.
  5. Hot Hot Hot
    Modernist Cuisine Expands Into Kitchenware With a Baking SteelBe still, my immersion-circulating heart!
  6. Video Feed
    Video Feed: Nathan Myhrvold Discusses Modernist Cuisine at HomeNathan Myhrvold talks to Grub Street about his new book, ‘Modernist Cuisine at Home.’
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    Watch the Modernist Technique That Turns Fancy Cheese IntoModernist Cuisine at Home is almost here — see a video preview.
  8. Bookshelf
    Modernist Cuisine at Home Coming in OctoberNathan Myhrvold & Co. unveil the at-home companion to their massive cooking tome.
  9. Cash Money
    As If Nathan Myhrvold Needed to Get Richer, His Book Is Making Mega-MillionsBastard!
  10. Foodievents
    Rene Redzepi, David Chang, and Nathan Myhrvold Coming to Town for UCLA’sThe series explores modernist meat and the use of microbes in ramen, among other science-y subjects.
  11. Quote of the Day
    Nathan Myhrvold Now One Step Closer to Being Perfect Bond VillianOn the agenda: the perfect medium-rare hamburger, and also, a nuclear reactor.
  12. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: The PitsNine episodes in, we finally get a barbecue challenge!
  13. The Grub Street Diet
    Nathan Myhrvold Gorges on Tacos at Empellón, Goes All In at RomeraNow in an easy-to-read grid format!
  14. Video Feed
    Watch a Ted Talks Video of Nathan Myhrvold Revealing How He Cuts Things in HalfHint: You’ll need a machine shop.
  15. Bookshelf
    Second Printing of Modernist Cuisine On Its WayOne thousand copies of the enormous cookbook are coming in each week.
  16. Tending the Coals
    Modernist Cuisine’s Maxime Bilet Has Some Grill Tips for YouThe co-author of the most scientific cookbook of all time has a few things to tell you about what happens when bacon fat is sprayed on charcoal.
  17. The Other Critics
    Gold Explores Umami’s Modernist Approach; Virbila Sups at Spice TableJ. Gold would rather have a turkey burger than indulge those truffle oil-abusing scoundrels at Umami Burger.
  18. Oeno-File
    How to ‘Take the Chill Off’ Red Wine: The MicrowaveAlong with “hyper-decanting” in a blender, you’ll be sure to appall your wine-geekiest friends.
  19. Quote of the Day
    More Interesting Than Times CorrectionsThe corrections to ‘Modernist Cuisine’ are, well … cerebral.
  20. Contests
    We Have a Winner in Our Modernist Cuisine GiveawayIn the end, it was a simple caveat that pushed one entry up above the rest.
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    Quick Reminder: There’s Still Time to Enter our Modernist CuisineThere are about 23 hours left to enter.
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    Win a Copy of Modernist Cuisine From ‘Marcel’s QuantumSyfy will be giving a copy of Nathan Myhrvold’s megabook to one lucky Grub Street reader.
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    Watch Nathan Myhrvold Talk Modernist Cuisine on TodayThe book’s author takes to the airwaves, even though his first print run is completely sold out.
  24. Food Journalism
    Why Is Everyone So Down on the Term ‘Molecular Gastronomy’?If ‘Modernist Cuisine’ gives us anything, it’s a new way to describe science-forward food.
  25. Bookshelf
    So Which Technique From Modernist Cuisine Will Be the Next Foam?The book is bound to produce at least one universally copied technique.
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    Better Get That $625 Cookbook While You Still CanNathan Myhrvold’s ‘Modernist Cuisine’ could soon sell out its first printing.
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    Modernist Cuisine Hits a DelayNathan Myhrvold’s 2,400-page cookbook will publish in March, not December.
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    Modernist Cuisine, Nathan Myhrvold’s 2,200-Page Cookbook, IsDo you have room on your bookshelf for the most comprehensive collection of science-based culinary techniques ever?