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Models And Bottles

  1. Models and Bottles
    Pink Elephant Bubbling Back UpGreat news for fans of sparklers and Champagne!
  2. Previews
    Penthouse Club & Steakhouse to Open March 15, But Not With Jenna JamesonAlas, it’s Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose who’ll be doing the ribbon-cutting.
  3. Blind Items
    Enormous New Penthouse Club to Bring Steak and Topless Dancers Together In S.F.They’re keeping the exact location secret for now.
  4. Crime Scenes
    Employee Shot During Robbery at Fluid Ultra-Lounge?The woman was shot in the leg.
  5. Models and Bottles
    Whale Watching: Which Nightclubs Boast the Highest Tabs?This is one list where we actually wish New York had placed worse.
  6. Models and Bottles
    Infusion Lounge Expands to L.A., Vegas, Portland, LondonThe models-and-bottles joint is building an empire.
  7. Models and Bottles
    Cursèd Space at Van Ness and Pacific Turns Over Once More, Will Become aRendezvous will have a food menu from Terzo chef Philip Busacco.
  8. Models and Bottles
    Another Fratty Nightclub Moving in to DragonBar SpaceOne North Beach club makes way for another.
  9. Models and Bottles
    Qi Ultralounge About to Up the Douche Factor on FolsomA new nightlife option for the jeans-and-jacket crowd.
  10. Models and Bottles
    New Restaurant and Nightclub Possibly Slated for SOMAThe owner of Circolo is considering taking the 5,000+ square foot space in this newly renovated building unless he finds another taker soon.
  11. Temporary Closings
    Suede Nightclub Shutters Voluntarily After ShootingShould the city punish the nightclub for some beef between two patrons from Richmond?
  12. Nightlife
    Is 330 Ritch’s Liquor License In Jeopardy?If they don’t pass some new inspections, the bottle service at 330 Ritch might be interrupted.
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    Curry Up Now Rolls Closer to SF; Annie’s Social Club About to BeA new Indian taco truck, Gallery Lounge becomes Bar Basic, and Annie’s becomes something called Qi.
  14. Models and Bottles
    How to Get 86’ed From MedjoolDon’t worry about what you tell the bouncer.
  15. Models and Bottles
    Cameo Bar Lowers The Cost of Drinking at The ViceroyCameo Bar starts a new ambitious happy hour at The Viceroy.
  16. Openings
    S.B.E. Transforms Foxtail into Mi-6 and Boots Joe FrancisSam Nazarian is back to the world of L.A. nightlife with a new West Hollywood club.
  17. Models and Bottles
    Ultra, Home, and Guest House Close, But Owners Open New OnesA restaurant, HRH, and a club, La Pomme, will open during Fashion Week.
  18. TV Land
    Amy Sacco Gets a Bravo Show, But What About Top Doorman?Think about it…
  19. Models and Bottles
    Wass UpMore from Marquee and Avenue’s newly controversial doorman.
  20. Models and Bottles
    A Tale of Two Blogs: Guest of a Guest and Last Night’s PartyTwo ‘Times’ profiles, four years apart, demonstrate a sea change in New York City nightlife.
  21. Models and Bottles
    Another Club Goes BustFirst Merkato, now Pink Elephant Southampton.
  22. Models and Bottles
    Ode to Beatrice Inn“Where shall [I] drink with Ashley and MK / Weep I shall all night and all day.”
  23. Models and Bottles
    LEVANTeast Will, of Course, Have a DoormanWhich explains why the cocktails cost as much as the entrées.
  24. Models and Bottles
    JE Leaves the PartyIt’s official: JE Englebert says he won’t be throwing parties at Tavern on the Green.
  25. Models and Bottles
    JE Englebert Banned From His Own ‘Disco’ at Tavern on the GreenYou might want to think twice before dropping the “nightlife lord“‘s name at the door.
  26. Models and Bottles
    JE Englebert Plans to Turn Tavern on the Green Into Weekly ‘Disco’He and an “all star night club team” want to turn the hallowed grounds into a “trendy club.”
  27. Models and Bottles
    Tepperberg Readies Avenue for June 1 OpeningWhat exactly is a gastro-lounge, anyway?
  28. Openings
    Matt Levine Does the HamptonsThe Eldridge visionary will have a summer project in Bridgehampton.
  29. Models and Bottles
    Smokeasy AlertA smoking speakeasy is unkindly outed.
  30. Word of Advice
    Greenhouse EmissionsThe four-month-old “greenhouse” club already smells like a frat bar.
  31. Models and Bottles
    Lotus 2.0 Will Open in Spring; Double Seven UncertainLotus will now be known as … Abe & Arthur’s?
  32. Models and Bottles
    Well, ObviouslyThe Eldridge is the most exclusive spot in town, according to the owner of the Eldridge.
  33. Models and Bottles
    The Next Meatpacking Hot Spot?What’s going on with a venue that was supposed to open underneath the cobblestones of Ninth Avenue?
  34. Models and Bottles
    Tepperberg Good to GoThe Marquee man snags community-board approval for a new gastrolounge.
  35. Models and Bottles
    The Price of DouchebaucherySomeone popped a $20,000 bottle of Champagne at Marquee.
  36. Models and Bottles
    More PinkRocco Ancarola discusses the club’s past and future.
  37. Models and Bottles
    Pink Elephant Insists It’s Alive and Well, Unlike Other ClubsThe club’s manager says the recent departure of a partner and another employee is no biggie.
  38. Models and Bottles
    Elephant in the RoomA couple of key players are leaving the city’s house-music standby. What does it mean?
  39. Models and Bottles
    Bar Mar BacklashSouthside’s biggest fan is upset that the Bar Martignetti’s lounge is charging a $1,500 bottle minimum.
  40. Models and Bottles
    Fabrizio at Mr. West: Same Shit, Different ModelsOur very favorite doorman is rolling not just with models, but SUPERmodels.
  41. Models and Bottles
    Keeping It ClassyCain Luxe’s opening night: bottles and bikini models.
  42. Models and Bottles
    1Oak and Bungalow 8 Violate Bloggers’ ‘No Soliciting’ RulesAre e-flyers a sign that these former hot spots are hurting for business?
  43. Models and Bottles
    Reformed (?) Bottle-Pusher Starts New Yorkers Against Bottle ServiceJohn ‘JE’ Englebert is aiming to be the Patron Saint of Drunk Chicks.
  44. Models and Bottles
    Pot, Kettle, Black? JE Englebert Plans to Sue for TackinessHe’s not happy that a McDonald’s has been installed in his classy apartment building.
  45. Models and Bottles
    Economy Be Damned: Bottle $ervi¢e Alive and Well at MarqueeThough there’s a slight dip in sales, Noah Tepperberg doesn’t see any reason to discontinue the luxury service.
  46. Models and Bottles
    Is Prime Really Throwing Out the Bottles, or Are They Just Full of It?We tried to take advantage of the club’s new stance against bottle-service pressures and were told: “5 PEOPLE IS 2 BOTTLES MINIUME.”
  47. Models and Bottles
    The Last Days of Bottle Service?Nightlife types pontificate on the future of the industry’s most hated institution.
  48. Models and Bottles
    The Eldridge Has Major WoodA first look at the Eldridge’s cocktail menu, which, like the owner’s business card, is printed on two-ply cherry.
  49. Models and Bottles
    Rose Bar’s Doorman Celebrates His Second by Bouncing KanyeAnd Mark Ronson commits a faux pas with Nur Khan.
  50. Models and Bottles
    The Eldridge’s $26 Glass Is Half-Full or Half-Empty, Depending on Who You AskLydia Hearst throws a party at the club and the jury is still divided.
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