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  1. Mixologists
    Bartend Two Ferns: Paul McGee on Monday’s Fern Bar Popup at R.J. Grunt’sTalking with Paul McGee about a one-night stand.
  2. Mixologists
    The J. Parker Gets Ready For Spring With New Bar Manager Tony SelnaNew mixologist takes over The J. Parker.
  3. Mixologists
    Michael Simon Leaves Carriage House/The BedfordMichael Simon leaves The Bedford and Carriage House.
  4. Mixologists
    Craig Schoettler Takes Over Drumbar; Can Arty Cocktails Go Mass Market?Craig Schoettler takes over Drumbar.
  5. Mixologists
    Mixologist Jay Schroeder Joins Red DoorNew mixologist at Red Door.
  6. Mixologists
    Mixologist Michael Simon Leaving Acadia For The BedfordAcadia mixologist going to The Bedford.
  7. Mixologists
    Drawing Room Bartender Charles Joly To Join The AviaryCharles Joly flies the coop to The Aviary.
  8. Mixologists
    See Lynn House Make You The Owner of a Lonely HeartLynn House mixes a cocktail for the owner of a lonely heart.
  9. Mixologists
    Debbi Peek Leaves The Bristol/Balena For Southern Wine & SpiritsMixologist leaves The Bristol/Balena for Southern Wine & Spirits
  10. Mixologists
    Hot Chocolate Snags Hot Mixologist, Looks to After HoursHot Chocolate going late-night?
  11. Mixologists
    New Video Blog Chronicles Mixologists At WorkNew cocktail vlog launches.
  12. Frank Bruni
    We’re Giving It Two Weeks Before Bruni’s Writing About Red Bull andBruni on coffee cocktails, but what of Joose?!
  13. Slideshow
    At Liberte Marc Yanga Shakes Up New and Classic CocktailsClassics meet original contemporary cocktails at Liberte.
  14. Booze You Can Use
    The Franklin Revamps Its Cocktail List for FallThe new list, like other updates in the past, is a collaborative effort on the part of the Franklin’s team of mixologists.
  15. Eatiquette
    Two Things Bartenders Will Hate You ForPlus, Frank Bruni launches a biweekly drinking column.
  16. Money Money Money
    How Much Does a Mixologist Make?More than you think.
  17. Chef Shuffle
    Head Bartender Marshall Altier Checks Out of Crosby Street HotelAfter building a knockout and historically accurate cocktail list for the Crosby Bar, Marshall Altier is out.
  18. Trimmings
    At Least They Didn’t Go With ‘Coffee Chef’McDonald’s, of all places, adopts the pretentious parlance of a speakeasy.
  19. Absurdity
    Beard AwardsWhich bartender has the best beard?
  20. Try It at Home
    Ain’t No Party Like a Cory Mason PartyThe Smith & Mills’ mustachioed mixologist opens his home to ‘Bon Appétit.’
  21. Cocktails
    Zaric and Kosmas Hug It Out in New ‘Cocktailian Calendar’Also immortalized this year: Charlotte Voisey, the mixologist whose $32 Eldridge cocktail recently got an “eh.”
  22. Two’s a Trend
    Hotels Jump on the Mixology TrainBoth the Marriott chain and Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel have brought in cocktail gurus with cred.