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  1. Czech Please
    How to Make a Bohemian Rhapsody Beer CocktailThe drink combines Guiness with Czech favorite Becherovka.
  2. Mixocalypse
    Turning 103, Cole’s Celebrates New Year’s Eve This SundayParty-goers will drink gin from an life-sized ice sculpture bathtub.
  3. Mixocalypse
    Tar Pit Ties One On Tonight, Sleeping Through Turkey DayFacebook fans get a discount on their first drink.
  4. Deals
    Locanda Del Lago Liquors Up with Armani and PradaThe Northern Italian is putting its new drinks on discount to help you survive the shopping season.
  5. Mediavore
    Ye Olde King’s Head Owner Sounds Off on Stagnant Bank Loans; Pete Wells NamedSuddenly, those heart-warming commercials featuring Pink’s owners ring hollow.
  6. Mixocalypse
    Speed Rack Puts Eighteen Bartenders To The Test at The Roosevelt This SundayThe all-female mixology competition will test bartenders for speed.
  7. Nightlife
    The Writer’s Room: Now Open to the Public in HollywoodBartender Daniel Nelson is concocting a cocktail program based on L.A.’s international restaurants.
  8. Mixocalypse
    Joe’s Starts The Abbot Kinney Cocktail Clash, Debuting This SundayBartenders from Hal’s , Tasting Kitchen, and Joe’s will face-off following The Taste of Abbot Kinney.
  9. Openings
    What’s Shaking at Oldfield’s Liquor Room, Open This Friday in Culver CityExpect Spanish bocadillos from a famous cheesemonger and classic cocktails with new-fangled engines.
  10. Mixocalypse
    New York’s Audrey Saunders Bartending at The Spare Room TonightThe noted mixologist, who backed away from her job at The Tar Pit, will celebrate the promotion of bartender Naomi Schimek.
  11. Mixocalypse
    Jones Hollywood Barman Eric Tecosky Lending a Hand to Erbe MatteThe noted mixologist is called “granpa” by Eric Alperin and Marcos Tello.
  12. Mixocalypse
    1886 Creates a Barrel-Aged CapriceMarcos Tello and Danny Cymbal employ gin in an unusual variation on most aged drinks.
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    The Gastrobus Opens Gastronomico on Wednesday in Los Feliz; Domenico’s ClosesIn other news, chef Gary Menes is holding a short pop-up at Cafe Tiara.
  14. Mixocalypse
    Aidan Demarest Leaves Spare Room for Neat Next Week, Prepares to Test KateThe bartender claims that anyone who doesn’t “pass the bar” gets booted.
  15. The Great Outdoors
    The Peninsula Wants You Drinking on Its Rooftop (After All These Years)Non-guests are finally invited upstairs for a drink.
  16. Mixocalypse
    The Roger Room’s Damian Windsor: ‘Suck it San Francisco!’The Hollywood barman will face off against Erik Adkins from San Francisco’s The Slanted Door at Sunset Magazine’s “Savor the Central Coast.”
  17. Mixocalypse
    And the Most Inspired Bartender Crown Goes To…It was a long, hot competition: So who won the title?
  18. Mixocalypse
    A Sneak Peak at Alex Ott’s Cocktails, Coming to Rosé on FridayThe libations are fruit heavy and mostly clear, with shout-outs to stars of French cinema.
  19. Openings
    What to Drink at Silo Vodka Bar, Now Open in DowntownInvited guests include such characters as “Karly Sheen,” “Tru Al Cindor,” and “Pau Ga Sour.”
  20. Coming Soon
    Rosé Bringing French Riviera Cuisine and Alex Ott to La CienegaThe renowned New York mixologist is putting together a “mood menu” of cocktails. Ha!
  21. Mixocalypse
    Sunset Hosting San Fran vs. L.A. Rematch, Probably Won’t Solve a ThingThe contest is to be held over cocktails. Weak!
  22. Openings
    The Blue Boar Opens Next Thursday in HollywoodCurtis Nysmith’s next project will be a British pub with its own cask-brewed ale.
  23. Openings
    Saint Felix Opens in Hollywood This Thursday, Kicks Off Green Alley InitiativeExpect the same imaginative cocktails, L.A.’s “first green alley,” and a menu by chef Brian Vaccarella at this Hollywood Sequel.
  24. Mixocalypse
    Chris Bostick Causes and Cures Your Hangover With One Simple DrinkThe Varnish bartender gives us his recipe for The Morning Medicine, a sort of michelada using green jalapeno hot sauce and spiced salt.
  25. Comng Soon
    Downtown’s Restaurant Row Readies for Salvage Bar and LoungeThe restaurant coming from Nocturnal Entertainment Group is super-excited about the luxe design, while staying rather mum about the food and drink.
  26. Mixocalypse
    A Look at Marcos Tello’s New Spring Menu at The 1886 Bar at the RaymondEvery drink tells a story!
  27. Mixocalypse
    L.A.’s O.G. Farm-To-Table Finally Goes Farm-To-GlassMicahel’s brings in mixologist Jason Robey to grow his own cocktail ingredients on the rooftop.
  28. Booze You Can Use
    How to Make a Perfect Hurricane (at Home)“I wanted this to be delicious and still kick you in the teeth as a good party cocktail should.”
  29. Mediavore
    Where to Get Shots of Horse Semen; SoCal Food Prices Hit Two-Year HighA New Zealand food festival plans to supply a strange libation, while local shoppers are hit hard at the grocery store.
  30. Mixocalypse
    Michael’s Embraces Mixology and Taco TrendsWe only pray this taco trio doesn’t succumb to the horrors of store-bought tortillas.
  31. Quote of the Day
    More Proof That Bartenders Are Really Feeling Themselves These DaysBrady Weise discusses which cocktail order annoys him the most.
  32. Openings
    What to Eat and Drink at Bar Toscana, Open Tonight in BrentwoodStuzzichini back Toscaritas at this Brentwood space inspired by the look of modern Milan.
  33. Reopenings
    The Shifting Tides of Hollywood Bring Les Deux Round Two and The Closing ofThis part of town is so tricky to open in, we can’t even keep track of what’s really closed sometimes.
  34. Mixocalypse
    Cocktail One-Upmanship Continues: Meet Matt Biancaniello’s BeesThe Library Bar bartender is getting is own colony of bees to manipulate the taste of honey. Has it really come to this?
  35. Openings
    What to Drink at 1886, Open Tomorrow at The RaymondThe extensive opening menu reads like a passion project for two of the city’s best bartenders.
  36. Mediavore
    Plastic Bag Ban Rejected; Roger Ebert Begins Food WritingThe senate shoots down environmentally-friendly legislature while a critic who can’t eat much has a knack for writing about eating.
  37. Mixocalypse
    Caña Rum Bar Runs A Romantic New Menu TonightBroken down into sections like daggers and cannons, the pirate-friendly cocktails have cocktails inspired by the bartender’s dreams.
  38. Mixocalypse
    Ace Bartenders Rally At First & Hope TonightAmong the many recipes, STK’s Daniel Long will combine homemade horchata with cognac and orange blossom water.
  39. Chef Shuffles
    Chef Dave Baker Temporarily Takes the Helm at Checker’sThe chef will break out with a five-course dinner paired with cocktails by Guillaume Jubien.
  40. Mixocalypse
    Alcove Cafe Planning Big Bar in Los FelizAnother local embraces the cocktail craze.
  41. Mixocalypse
    Comme Ca Saving Hatchi Mix With CedillaMark Knudsen and Matt Seaman will take the place of Matt Biancaniello, who left the fledgling project unexpectedly last month.
  42. Mixocalypse
    Julian Cox Making Iberico Old Fashioneds and Cherries Jubilee Cocktails TonightThe star bartender will preview new drinks for Rivera and the future R26.
  43. Mixocalypse
    Nick and Stef’s Joins The Cocktail PartyA new menu of classics and originals by Joe Brooke and Vincenzo Marinella ups the fresh fruit, St. Germain, and ginger beer.
  44. Mixocalypse
    Tello and Demarest Concocting Cocktail Program For The RaymondThe cottage-side restaurant seeks to improve on its awarded wine program with trendy cocktails.
  45. Mixocalypse
    Radio Room Returns with Vincenzo MarianellaJoseph Brooke will welcome his mentor, as well as bartenders from San Francisco and Australia.
  46. Mixocalypse
    Drago Centro Calls For Your Cocktail RecipesAmateur mixologists can tweet their cocktail recipes in a new contest.
  47. Mixocalypse
    Calling All Tequila Mixologists to Battle at Ortega 120Winners get a feature in Mutineer Magazine and $250 credit at the Redondo restaurant.
  48. Mixocalypse
    Mark’s Tar Pit Marketing Didn’t A-Peel to Audrey SaundersMark Peel’s spotlight is too hot for his staff.
  49. Mixocalypse
    First & Hope Scores Barman Marcos TelloDowntown’s forthcoming supper club is reeling in esteemed bar talent.