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  1. The Grub Street Diet
    Designer Mark McNairy Has the Anti-Fashion Diet“I mean, jeepers! It’s fried chicken.”
  2. Interviews
    What and Where Does a Champion Sumo Wrestler Eat in L.A.? Byamba UlambayarThe two-time World Sumo Championship winner tells Grub Street how he maintains a daily 5,000 calorie diet.
  3. L.A. Diet
    DJ Cut Chemist Subsists On Juice, Makes His Own Sushi“I try to do no carbs, no dairy, and no sugar…to compete in the music industry with all those nineteen-year-olds.”
  4. Blehtacular
    Hamada-Ya Offers Three-Dollar Yakisoba SandwichesUntil ink.sack offers nan upgrade the small sandwich basically just tastes like what it looks like.
  5. Leftovers
    Colonial Wine Bar Begins Happy Hour; Alegria’s Owner RobbedNadine Trujillo’s home was ransacked while she worked, leading to a community appreciation day in her honor.
  6. Openings
    Hannosuke Opens in Mitsuwa for Made-to-Order Tempura DonburiThe food court stand offers two dishes, an original tempura-topped rice bowl and one with Tokyo eel.
  7. Imports
    Hannosuke Spruces Up Mitsuwa, Weeks Away From OpeningThe new restaurant’s look gives the mall a touch of class and contemporary design to savor.
  8. Inedible Apps
    Where to Find The Nearest Costco During The Zombie InvasionWe just hope the internet is still working when the dead finally rise.
  9. Imports
    Hannosuke Importing Tokyo’s Tendon Tempura Bowls to MitsuwaThe business makes one item, tendon bowls cooked to order.
  10. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Tsujita’s Ramen is Here, Only Not at TsujitaAn eight-day ramen test kitchen pops up in the Mitsuwa food court.
  11. Closings
    Tamaya Closes at Mitsuwa, What Should Take Its Place?The uninspired rice bowl restaurant occupied a space other Mitsuwa employees call “cursed.”
  12. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Harajuku’s Patisserie Marion Crepes Pops-Up In Mitsuwa Mar VistaThe Japanese crepe empire will only be here for eleven days before heading east.
  13. Strip Search
    Strip Search: Mitsuwa Mar Vista for Breakfast, Lunch, and DinnerWhere to buy a Japanese smart-toilet, skewered pork belly, Samurai epics, whole sculpin, discount uni, a plush Mario doll, Japanese pastries, and arguably the town’s best bowl of ramen under one roof.
  14. The Other Critics
    SIV Retreads Serenata’s Grounds; Gold Porks San GabrielThe L.A. Times finds an old favorite is falling a little flat, while L.A. Weekly points us to some quality pigs.
  15. Openings
    Tamaya Replaces Bella Pasta at Mitsuwa on CentinelaWill the rice bowls be good enough to lure you from Santouka or Chego?