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  1. VideoFeed
    Meatopia IV: The Movie By now you’re probably sick of hearing about Meatopia, the “Woodstock of edible animals,” and its infanticidal magnificence. But that’s only because you’ve just been hearing about it. Now, thanks to the magic of Grub Street Video, you can see Meatopia IV: Slaughter of the Innocent yourself, and even get behind the scenes with the chefs as they prepared the sacrificial victims. Be prepared, however: This video may not be safe for vegetarians. On the upside, we won’t talk about it again for another year. Video: Meatopia IV
  2. Foodievents
    Meatopia V: We Have a Winner(s)!The polls have closed on our Meatopia V theme contest, and we have a winner! We sort of have four, actually. Given their truly mind-bending menus, three readers could not be denied entrance to our infanticidal bash. We look forward to meeting them tonight. Our grand-prize winner will not come to Meatopia alone. She may bring three guests along, too. The lucky carnivores are listed below.
  3. Foodievents
    Win Tickets to Meatopia IV!Truman Capote’s “Black and White” ball. Diddy’s “White Party” in St. Tropez. And “Meatopia IV: Slaughter of the Innocents.” The all-time must-attend events are few and far between, and we only get to go the latter because we happen to be throwing it. And what a party it will be: six great chefs will cook five kinds of baby animal on the banks of the East River while beer flows freely. Invitations are few, but we are making four available to the Grub Street reader with the best concept for Meatopia V. We already have a pretty good one in mind, and last year’s, “Decklefest,” is already taken. But send in your concept — along with what meats it entails — and you might just find yourself hobnobbing with the meat elite next Tuesday. Send your menus to grubstreet@nymag.com. Meatopia IV Invitation [PDF]