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  1. Quote of the Day
    Mission Start-Ups Eat Too Well, Still Wish They Had Google’s Cafeteria
  2. Crime Scenes
    Marina Denizens Think Recent Shootings In Mission Make the ‘Hood More’It has some cachet,’ quoth one of the ladies.
  3. Photo Plates
    Scenes From a Few Meals at Mr. PolloMr. Pollo is the new Mission Street Food. There. We said it.
  4. Previews
    Southern Pacific Brewing Co. Finally on the Way in Late SpringThe Mission-based brewery and brewpub will have a food menu and an outdoor patio. And $3 pints!
  5. Causes
    Mission Pie Gives Back Through Workforce Training
  6. We All Scream
    Comparing Old School Mitchell’s Ice Cream With Upstart Humphry SlocombeA side-by-side pictorial comparison of two popular ice creameries.
  7. Health Concerns
    S.F. Restaurants May Soon Have to Post a Notice If They Had a Rat Problem
  8. Coffee
    Taste Your Way Around the Mission, One Americano at a Time
  9. Rivalries
    Exploring the Two Ends of the 24th Street Donut SpectrumMission Local provides an almost melancholy slideshow of these two very different donut shops.
  10. Blechtacular
    Bugs: The New ‘MiniLivestock’?Cricket empanadas? Count us out.