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Mission Chinese Food

  1. closings
    The Mission Chinese Era Will Come to an End in New YorkDanny Bowien has announced his Brooklyn restaurant will close in July.
  2. features
    The Nightmare Inside Mission Chinese FoodThe restaurant’s chefs preached kindness. Behind the scenes, it was a different story.
  3. marketing innovations
    Ads Arrive on Restaurant Menus — and There’s No Going BackWhy chefs want you to swallow the sponsorship.
  4. openings
    Mission Chinese Food Expands to Brooklyn With a New Look and New FoodDanny Bowien calls his third location “a return to form.”
  5. chef shuffles
    Mission Chinese Chef Angela Dimayuga Has ResignedAfter six years, she’s amicably splitting with Danny Bowien to do her own thing.
  6. coming soon
    A New Mission Chinese Food Will Open in BushwickDanny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga are expanding to Brooklyn.
  7. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Mapo Tofu in New YorkIt’s bewitchingly addictive, holds up well as leftovers, and is so popular that you can get it at countless restaurants throughout the city.
  8. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Roast Chicken in New YorkThe crispiest, juiciest, most flavorful golden-hued whole birds in town.
  9. Collaborations
    Mission Chinese Food’s Lunar New Year Party Featured a Small Army of ChefsChad Robertson and Jessica Koslow, among others, collaborated for the potluck dinner.
  10. Interviews
    Angela Dimayuga Wants to Fix Kitchen Culture“I’m trying to create something healthy for my cooks, and also for me.”
  11. The Grub Street Diet
    Angela Dimayuga’s Grub Street Diet“To me, the best beef tendon is braised so long that it has the characteristics of a hot Haribo gummy bear — jiggly, chewy, and dense at the same time.”
  12. Brunch
    Christmas Miracles: Mission Chinese Food Launches Weekend BrunchIt debuts tomorrow morning.
  13. Gallery
    Inside Mission Chinese Food’s Brisket-and-Dumplings Dinner Party for theThe challenge: Create a pop-up restaurant in a theater foyer to feed a starving ensemble — and crew and everyone’s guests — in a manner befitting the years-long hype of the bicoastal restaurant sensation.
  14. Guides
    Parsing the Newest Trends in New York PizzaIt’s not just about New York versus Neapolitan anymore.
  15. Collaborations
    Danny Bowien and David Chang Launch Fuku Fingers Collaboration“This is the type of food we both want to eat,” Bowien says.
  16. Restaurant Review
    Review: 3 Stars for Mission Chinese FoodThe chef’s real genius is for creating a grand sense of occasion, and his restaurant finally gives him the space to do just that.
  17. Real Estate
    5 Restaurants That Reversed the Curse of a Doomed SpaceThe Musket Room, Dizzy’s, and more.
  18. Coming Soon
    Get Ready for Mission Chinese Food’s Permanent ReturnThe restaurant will reopen in the now-former Rosette space.
  19. Lawsuits
    Mission Chinese Sues Landlord Over Rodent Corpses and Other ConcernsOne thing you don’t want to find in your new restaurant: “a veritable swamp” of dead mice.
  20. Pop-ups
    Danny Bowien Will Curate Huge Brooklyn Food ConferenceMario Batali is also a presenter.
  21. Foodievents
    Mission Chinese Frankie’s Pop-up Extended Pretty Much IndefinitelySalt cod fried rice in August? Yes indeed.
  22. Deliverance
    Upstart Food-Delivery Service Caviar Raises $15 Million to ExpandThe Winklevoss brothers led the last $2 million seed round.
  23. Foodievents
    Mission Chinese Food Pop-up Returns to Frankies 457 This WeekAnd the kung pao pastrami keeps on coming.
  24. Foodievents
    Mission Chinese Food Pops Up AgainIt’s back!
  25. Foodievents
    Mission Chinese Food Pops Up Tonight in Brooklyn at Frankies 457Meanwhile, the restaurant isn’t going to reopen at its old address.
  26. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer Knocks Stars Off San Francisco’s Mission Chinese FoodThe salt-cod fried rice isn’t the same.
  27. Empire Building
    Danny Bowien on Going Full Burrito at Mission Cantina“Eventually, we want to open a Mission Burrito. That’s been a plan of ours since the beginning.”
  28. Video Feed
    Watch Danny Bowien Make Chicken Wings on Jimmy FallonTo make them nice, you cook them twice.
  29. News You Can Booze
    Mission Chinese Food Now Has Its Own BeerPok Pok does, too.
  30. Health Concerns
    Mission Chinese Food Shuttered by DOH for Second Time in a MonthDanny Bowien says he won’t reopen until all issues have been addressed.
  31. Kung Pao Pastrami
    Order Status: Mission Chinese Food’s Delivery, ReviewedGrub Street recruited office workers around Manhattan to get some lunch delivered and report back with their experiences.
  32. Planned Service Changes
    Mission Chinese Food Delivers Everywhere Below 59th StreetIt’s a veritable kung-pao-pastrami game changer.
  33. Grub Guides
    Sweatpants Gourmet: 24 Great Restaurants That Also DeliverMission Chinese Food, Parm, and Mimi’s Hummus at your door.
  34. Planned Service Changes
    Mission Chinese Food Now DeliversEnjoy pig’s-ear terrines in the comfort of your own home.
  35. Trendlet
    New York Sour: Tart, Tangy Flavors Rule the FoodscapeFor a species that naturally gravitates to sugar and fat, we seem to be going through a decidedly sour phase.
  36. Health Concerns
    Mission Chinese Food Reopens With Support From René RedzepiRodents, toxic chemicals, whatever.
  37. Health Concerns
    DOH Closes Mission Chinese Food, Cites Mouse InfestationThe full, 70-point report reveals other violations, too.
  38. Video Feed
    Watch Danny Bowien Talk Bacon and Bombay on FallonThe Mission Chinese Food chef hits late night.
  39. The Grub Street Diet
    Ramen Master Ivan Orkin Gets Pretzels in New York, Sushi in Tokyo, and Ice Cream“It would have been prudent to stop then, but I hadn’t had ice cream yet, and I certainly hadn’t had ice cream in Japan yet.”
  40. Interviews
    Rising Star Chef Danny Bowien on New Restaurant Plans, Air Jordans, and Love forHe’s the most proud of his sneakers.
  41. Empire Building
    Danny Bowien and Jesse Koide Are Opening a New Asian Spot in S.F.It won’t be Chinese, though.
  42. Empire Building
    Danny Bowien Hints That a Stateside Mission Chinese Expansion May Come BeforeBrooklyn or Oklahoma City could come first.
  43. The Other Critics
    Watch a Four-Year-Old’s Facial Responses to Mission Chinese FoodHe really hates the Tiki Pork Belly.
  44. Guest Stars
    Mission Chinese Chef Coming to Taste of the NationDanny Bowien’s inclusion could be enough to entice guests into the VIP area.
  45. Frieze Tag
    Frieze Art Fair 2013 Features Frankies Spuntino, Mission Chinese, andThe usual suspects head to Randall’s Island.
  46. Slim Fast
    This Is Why Danny Bowien Is Not FatAnd more diet secrets of the chefs.
  47. Callback Number?
    Mission Chinese Food Makes Reservations a Little EasierRefresh the page!
  48. Back of House
    This Is the Guy Who’s Really Behind the Stove at Mission ChineseHis title is Head Chef, and he’s there day to day.
  49. Lists
    Bon Appétit Says These 20 Restaurants Are the Country’s MostAn important list of important restaurants.
  50. Delivery Brigade
    Order Mission Chinese Food Online Tonight
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