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Mininum Wage

  1. Lawsuits
    Former Workers Sue TGI Friday’s for Unpaid Overtime, Misappropriated Tips“We believe employees at many of the hundreds of TGI Friday’s restaurants were affected by the company’s practices.”
  2. Lawsuits
    Fast-Food Employees Sue McDonald’s for Wage Theft“They all share a common purpose, to drive labor costs down by stealing wages from McDonald’s workers.”
  3. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s McResources Site Is KaputThe Fry Guys try to correct their faux pas.
  4. Firings
    Chicago Sandwich Shop Fires All Employees Just Before ChristmasMerry Christmas. You’re fired.
  5. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s Employee Portal Tells Fast-Food Workers Not to Eat Fast FoodCount your French fries, too.
  6. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s Advised Low-Wage Workers on How to Tip Imaginary Pool Boys, AuThe fast-food giant published some more very unhelpful advice for struggling employees.
  7. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s Advises Hungry Employees to ‘Break Food Into LittleSing a happy song, return unopened gifts, and more unhelpful advice from the fast-food giant.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Reports Say Low-Paying Fast-Food Jobs Cost Billions in Public AssistanceIt’s all about the American dream, it turns out.