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Mimi Sheraton

  1. remembrance
    Mimi Sheraton Ate Everything for UsIn 1972, she nibbled her way into magazine history.
  2. rip
    Mimi Sheraton, the Influential Food Writer, Has DiedShe was 97.
  3. you kale me
    Is This the Best Kale Takedown of All Time?So succinct, so savage.
  4. closings
    Mimi Sheraton’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant, Good, Is ClosingA regular’s lament.
  5. end of an era
    Saying Good-bye to The Four Seasons With Mimi SheratonShe helped open the restaurant in 1959. Now everything inside is up for auction.
  6. Food Media
    How Have Restaurants, and Critics, Changed in the Last 40 Years?“It’s a quicker environment now, a more pressured environment.
  7. Eat This Now
    Mimi Sheraton Shares Her Favorite Dishes in New YorkAn ultra-abridged version of her new gastro guide, 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die.
  8. The Grub Street Diet
    Mimi Sheraton Hates ‘Cottony’ Croissants, Loves a Good Butcher Plate“For lunch, I contemplated the epic chakchouka…”
  9. Other Magazines
    The New Yorker’s Food Issue Is OutThe magazine’s food issue includes some cocktail pointers, butchery tips, and an essay by Mimi Sheraton about forgotten sausages.
  10. The Feeding Tube
    Couch Potatoes: Watching an Hour of Food Network With Mimi SheratonWe sit down with the former ‘Times’ critic to see what she thinks of the world’s most popular food channel.
  11. Rants
    Mimi Sheraton on New York’s ‘Deplorable’ Bagel SituationAnd don’t even get the former ‘Times’ critic started on Montreal-style bagels.
  12. Beef
    Mimi Sheraton Considers Herself a ‘Bestovore’Plus, she has more to say about Brooklyn and Sam Sifton.
  13. Beef
    Mimi Sheraton Dislikes Everything Except Lutèce and La GrenouilleThe former ‘Times’ critic hasn’t lost her edge.
  14. Thought Pieces
    Sietsema Looks at the Past, But What’s the Future of Food Media?A history of restaurant reviewing makes one ask: What’s next?
  15. Openings
    Minetta Tavern Opens TomorrowMimi Sheraton has an early report.
  16. The In-box
    Bialy Expert Says Kossar’s Not Quite the Final Word on BialysIn our tribute to Kossar’s bialys yesterday, we pointed to the imprimatur of the august Mimi Sheraton, whose book The Bialy Eaters is the definitive work on the subject. Well, the last we heard, Sheraton loved the place. But no more, apparently: “The Book was written a long time ago and times change, as do bialys,” Sheraton writes. “[Kossar’s makes them] barely with any onions and much too soft, bland and puffy, often with barely defined center wells. The only thing I buy there now are mini-discs, i.e. miniature pletzels, with poppy seeds and, with luck, onions.” So there it is. We’ll probably still go on eating Kossar’s bialys, but now with a diminished sense of triumph. Live and learn. But, Sheraton tells us, there is hope for a new yardstick bialy.