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  1. the 2010s
    The Decade’s Dumbest Food Trend Was Viral MilkshakesThe original Instagram food was an indicator of the very boring things to come.
  2. taste test
    Shake Shack’s Cherry Blossom Shake Is Here — Is It Any Good?The fabled Shack-kura shake has arrived from Japan.
  3. the chain gang
    TGI Fridays Is Serving ‘Extreme’ Milkshakes That Are Black Tap KnockoffsThat’s one way to “take dessert to the next level.”
  4. Summer Guide 2016
    8 Boozy, Icy Desserts to Cool You Off This SummerPound an 80-proof milkshake. Or a spiked snow cone. Or a frozen Red Bull-and-vodka.
  5. Desserts Gone Wrong
    This Chicken-Topped Milkshake Should Be the Final Word in This Extreme-FoodA food photographer has taken the trend to its grotesque conclusion.
  6. Kids These Days
    A Brief History of Milkshake-Related MayhemOr, “The Chocolate Shake That Almost Killed Castro.”
  7. I Sue Your Milkshake
    Tourondel Settles Boozy Milkshakes Lawsuit With BLT BurgerBooze-shakes for all!
  8. Booze You Can Use
    Village Whiskey Chills Out With Booze MilkshakesThe new shakes come in a variety of flavors, and can be made sans booze.
  9. What to Drink
    Here’s What’s ShakingThe Shamrock comes to McDonald’s and the Carm-Mallow comes to Shake Shack.
  10. Mediavore
    Milkshake Thief Arrested; Jamie Oliver Doesn’t Need To Swear
  11. Openings
    Bomburger Dropping on SoCalA concept similar to In-N-Out comes from a Chronic Tacos owner.
  12. Freebies
    Free Beer and Milkshakes TodaySchnipper’s is giving away floats, too.
  13. Sweet News
    Milkshakes at Franklin Fountain… So Hot Right NowCold treats warm up for the winter
  14. Mediavore
    Saffron Prices Soar; Renaissance Reached in Kosher FoodsSaffron prices go astronomical and Kosher foods are enjoying increasing popularity.
  15. Sweet News
    Mayoral Milkshake gets Low MarksThe chocolate and green tea concoction was too fatty to be worth its middling taste.
  16. Menu Changes
    Standard Serves Boozy MilkshakesHollywood hotel is shaking new offers at the city’s trendiest drinks.