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Miles Thompson

  1. The Other Critics
    Rodell In Awe At Allumette; J. Gold Chipper at Chi SpaccaDown in San Juan Capistrano, Brad A. Johnson bellies up for brunch at the historic Ramos House Cafe.
  2. reopening
    Allston Yacht Club Finally Ditching Name; Muddy Leek Soft Opening Next Week inMiles Thompson Takes Over Allston Yacht Club; Muddy Leek Opening in Batch Space.
  3. Beef
    Echo Park Tries to Stomach a $175 SteakUpon learning about The Vagrancy Project, blog pundits tell diners they should “be deeply ashamed of themselves.”
  4. Empire Building
    Vagrancy Project Chef Working Towards His Own CottageMiles Thompson envisions a 28-seat restaurant only serving his tasting menus.
  5. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Vagrancy Project Popping Up in Allston Yacht ClubMiles Thompson brings his pop-up out of the apartment in anticipation of his own restaurant.