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Mike Solomonov

  1. hot plate
    The Hummus We’ve Been Missing, Dueling Rosés, and More Food NewsWhat to eat, drink, and shop for right now.
  2. Israeli Cuisine Is Complex, Contentious, and on the Rise in New York“When you talk about Israeli food, so much of it is actually Palestinian.”
  3. Philly’s Famed Federal Donuts Will Be Available in NYC for One Day OnlyOn September 9.
  4. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef Mike Solomonov Chases Tacos and Tamales With Chocolate Babka“If this diary reveals anything, it’s that caffeine is my friend.”
  5. Interviews
    When Will Philly’s Zahav Come to NYC?“I think we’d kill it, but then we’d have to f*cking move to New York,” Mike Solomonov says.
  6. Openings
    There’s a Brand-New All-Hummus Destination, and It Looks FantasticChef Mike Solomonov makes what is arguably the most delicious hummus in America.
  7. Foodievents
    Details on the Momofuku ‘Late Night Dinner Series’ With ZahavGet your seat now.
  8. Reopenings
    Xochitl to Reopen WednesdayThe Mexican restaurant is back in business
  9. The Philadelphia Diet
    Zahav’s Mike Solomonov Balances His Fondness for Schmaltz-Fried Latkes By Eating“I ate a really sh***y pear earlier today and I was like, everyone has to take a bite of this, it’s awful. Just so I don’t have to suffer by myself.”