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Michel Bras

  1. Gargouillou
    Now You Can Watch the Michel Bras Documentary Step Up to the Plate FromWatching this will help your plating technique game.
  2. Interview
    Paul Liebrandt on Fine Dining and Corton, the Greatness of Mission Chinese Food,The 36-year-old chef opens up about his new project (a little) and talks about his time on the line when he was a “young man.”
  3. Video Feed
    Just How Tough Is It to Be Michel Bras’s Son?A new documentary, Entre les Bras, is kind of like Jiro Dreams of Sushi, but for French food.
  4. O Come Let Us Adore Him
    Who’s the World’s Most Influential Chef? David Kinch Says MichelThe esteemed French chef invented the molten chocolate cake, and influenced most of the Spanish vanguard, who in turn have influenced everyone else.
  5. Trends
    The Dirt on Edible DirtThe trend is hardly new (and the dish that spawned it dates back to the late 70s in France), but the edible dirt thing is everywhere now.
  6. Master Chefs
    Michel Bras on Apple Seeds, His Favorite New York Restaurants, and People“The palette of expression is phenomenal, and that’s the first thing you find in the garbage.”