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Michael Mccarty

  1. Menus
    Take a Look at Michael’s Brand-New Menu, Launching TodayThe new menu is a seasonal sprawl making room for vegans, pescetarians, carnivores, and pizza and pasta-lovers.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery
    Michael McCarty Kinda Sorta Rebranding Michael’sThe chef, dishes, garden, and pricey artwork will remain as the restaurant converts into a “moderately-priced” brasserie.
  3. Quote of the Day
    More Musings From Michael McCartyThe Michael’s owner discusses his favorite part of running a restaurant.
  4. Mediavore
    Apples Rain Down on UK Motorists; Bootleg Liquor Kills 116 in IndiaFreak weather causes the fruits to fall from the sky on to British motorists.
  5. Chef Shuffles
    John-Carlos Kuramoto Named Exec Chef at Michael’sThe chef , who worked at Animal and Providence, got the job by making twelve courses for owner Michael McCarty.
  6. Crime Scenes
    Whitey Bulger Was Eating at Michael’s!A $192 bill for steak, lobster, and foie gras has us wondering if crime actually pays.
  7. Inside Chefs
    Really? No L.A. Chefs Will Fess Up to Eating Frozen Burritos?Michael McCarty simply whips up a lobster and Iberico ham during his downtime.
  8. Quote of the Day
    McCarty Saves Devo From Making a Big Mess In The KitchenThe bassist of the legendary new wave band had an unlikely ally teaching him how to cook.
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Chaya Brasserie Gets Ramsay Chef in 90210; Secret Codes Work at Hugo’s andHarutaka Kishi will revamp the menus for a reopening, while discounts serve those who can hold a secret in Atwater Village and Hollywood.
  10. Empire Building
    The Jedi Returns To L.A.: Jonathan Waxman Looking For Restaurant SpaceNone other than former boss Michael McCarty starts a rumor that Waxman misses his friends and produce in California.
  11. Slideshow
    L.A. Roast Chicken Register: A Flight of SixWhile Brendan Collins holds a fiery funeral march for his roast bird, Joseph Gillard turns his into a breakfast item.
  12. Loco for Locavores
    Michael’s Leads Farmers Market Tours in Santa Monica“Market Meetups” will find the California cuisine pioneer preparing dishes with a specific seasonal ingredient before exec chef Mike Stern showcases his favorite vendors and market tips.
  13. Slideshow
    Mark Peel, David Lefevre, and Ben Ford Have A Cook-Off For Restaurant WeekMayor Villaraigosa and Michael McCarty were among the judges at a chef-filled event.
  14. The New York Diet
    Novelist Monica Ali Now Knows How to Eat Steamer Clams“There was a big lobster, which of course was delightfully messy to eat. You just have to get your hands dirty and get stuck in there.”
  15. The Food Section
    Before We Were Foodies: Times’ Food Section Staff Revisits the PastFour journalists look back to the times before garlic and blogging were household terms.