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Michael Jordan’s The Steak House

  1. Financial Woes
    Michael Jordan’s the Steakhouse Owners File for Bankruptcy; Mike TysonOne of the city’s biggest restaurant groups is in trouble.
  2. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Tastes the National’s Entire Menu at Once, Clears“Where else are you going to go? The only two options you have are Michael Jordan’s and Cipriani, and one’s terrible and one’ s a rip-off.”
  3. Lawsuits
    Glazier Group Is Sued, TooAnother unhappy supplier has taken matters to court.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Google Outs Masaharu Morimoto’s Favorite Karaoke SpotAnd Danny Meyer’s favorite hangs, too.
  5. Recession Is Your Friend
    Monday Markdowns$7 martinis and half-off wine bottles.
  6. Caffeination Taxation
    Governor Paterson Anoints Himself Ayatollah of ColaWe fight the 15 percent ‘obesity tax’ against non-diet sodas.
  7. Mediavore
    Provence Chef Pink-Slipped; Pichet Ong to Open Cupcake ShopChef Lynn McNeely has been handed a pink slip after mixed reviews at the new Provence; no word on who the next chef might be. [Eater] Related: Provence Redux [NYM] Pichet Ong is opening a cupcake store next to P*ONG. “Vanilla, chocolate, yuzu and cinnamon will be my staples,” he says. “I want to add a little salt & spice to my take on them.” [Restaurant Girl] A tale of two bakeries under Health Department scrutiny: one, Magnolia, plays nice; the other, Delices de Paris in Park Slope, kicks back. Guess which one ends up closing. [NYO]