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  1. Video Feed
    Watch This Guy Make Frank Sinatra As a PancakeHis Michael Jackson flapjack is even better.
  2. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pepsi Really, Really Wants to Be Cool AgainThe new ad features Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Moment for Life’ and has the epic feel of their eighties campaigns.
  3. Marketing Gimmicks
    King of Pop: Pepsi Revives Michael Jackson for New Ad CampaignIt’s the 25th anniversary of ‘Bad,’ so Pepsi’s bringing Michael back … and having him remixed by Skrillex?
  4. Prison Food
    Michael Jackson’s Ex-Doctor Literally Sick of Jail FoodConrad Murray says dysentery has caused him to lose 30 pounds since November.
  5. Coffee Buzz
    Don’t Stop … Till You Perfect Your MJ Latte ArtSome flexible-wristed barista certainly didn’t.
  6. Mediavore
    Michael Jackson’s Chef Gives Testimony; Top Chef Vets Opening EverywhereKai Chase says she was making lunch when she learned of the dire emergency.
  7. Obituary
    Philly Loses a Beer Icon“Bruce really helped push the boundaries of beer culture in Philadelphia.”
  8. Mediavore
    Michael Jackson Inspires Many Local Menu Items; They’re Drinking a Whole
  9. Mediavore
    Wolfgang Puck .Food Suit Settled; Local Restaurant Owner Rumored to Have MJWolfgang Puck and the company behind .Food have settled their suit, while an unnamed local restaurant owner is rumored to have leaked copies of Michael Jackson’s autopsy photos.
  10. R.I.P.
    Villa Sorriso Will Host The Jackson Family Reception After Michael’s BurialAfter Michael Jackson’s burial, the Jackson Family will have a reception at this Pasadena Restaurant.
  11. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pinot NoirvanaFirst Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson wine pairings, and now this.
  12. Mediavore
    Filming at Sam La Grassa’s; Draft Beer at HomePlus: Padma’s not going anywhere, and Michael Jackson’s favorite recipes, all in our morning news roundup.
  13. Mediavore
    Smashburger Comes to Illinois; Padma Sticks with Top ChefPlus: Michael Jackson’s cook’s cookbook; M&Ms help cure spinal injuries
  14. Mediavore
    Draft Beer at Home; Padma Will Stay on Top ChefPlus: Michael Jackson’s chef writes a cookbook, and True Blood hits stores, all in our morning news roundup.
  15. Mediavore
    Make Your Own Paletas; Bartenders Get Jackson’s Support
  16. Mediavore
    Starbucks Gets Boozy; Ripert Cooks for SarkozyPlus: Highbrow foodies love lowbrow foods, and Eric Ripert cooks for Nicolas Sarkozy, all in our morning news roundup.
  17. Marketing Gimmicks
    And Now This: The ‘King of Pop Pub Crawl’A new tribute featuring free white gloves and “King of Pop–sicles.”
  18. R.I.P.
    Tonda Owner and ‘Beat It’ Director Bob Giraldi Remembers MJThe owner of Tonda and Butcher Bay also directed Jackson’s iconic Pepsi commercials.
  19. Foodievents
    Jacko TributesIf wine tributes aren’t your thing, here are some other way to pay your respects.
  20. Foodievents
    The Jacko Wine Pairing: Here’s How City Winery Sees ItOwner Michael Dorf explains just what he’s thinking with the whole Michael Jackson themed pairing, and whether “Jesus juice” will be served.
  21. Foodievents
    Highbrow Despicable? The Michael Jackson Wine PairingPlus, more industry reactions to the passing of the King of Pop.
  22. House Mix
    At Momofuku Ssäm It’s AC/DC 24/7A while back David Chang told Eater that his new fourteen-seater won’t be a fine-dining restaurant, though a recent Craigslist ad recruiting cooks says “prior fine-dining experience is preferred.” Whatever Momofuku Ko turns out to be, we can’t imagine Vivaldi will be playing in the dining room — it’s not like critics have been turned off by the steady diet of AC/DC that we heard during a recent stop-in at Momofuku Ssäm.
  23. NewsFeed
    Adam Perry Lang Seeks to Create the Perfect Beef Animal In the meat business, sourcing is the ultimate boast: It’s not enough to claim your meat is “prime,” when any meathead worth his cholesterol knows how promiscuously that once-proud term is thrown around. No, today’s steakhouse has to have boutique sources or, even better, their own prize bull, as at Primehouse NY. But no meat man has a more obsessive take on quality than Adam Perry Lang. The Robert’s and Daisy May chef tells us that he’s currently in the process of researching what will be his own beef program in Montana. “It’s so important to understand it, to be able to control what’s happening. I want to say that I’m doing everything I can to get it where I want it. I want to raise beef the right way. I want to know I’m doing the right thing.”