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Michael Citarella

  1. Chef Shuffle
    Citarella Confirmed OutBruni can rest easy; the decision supposedly had nothing to do with his harsh words.
  2. Chef Shuffle
    Michael Citarella Said to Be Out at FreemansAfter Bruni struck, Citarella’s Facebook friends reassured him with words such as “That pudgy fuck writes. You do.” Not anymore, it seems.
  3. Menu Changes
    Citeralla Explains Tongue-on-Tongue ActionThe Freemans chef says he wasn’t aware of Prune’s similar tongue-and-octopus dish.
  4. Menu Changes
    Freemans New Tongue and Octopus Seems Offal FamiliarDid Freemans cop a dish from Prune? Plus, details on Prune’s over-the-top V-Day celebration.
  5. Hipstaurants
    Michael Citarella Unveils His First Freemans Menu (Artichoke Dip Is Safe)The new chef has kept many of the hipstaurant’s staples in addition to adding some items of his own.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Freemans Closing Briefly for Renovations; Burritos No LongerA Wondee Siam will soon service Columbia students, and so many fries to try, so little time, in today’s neighborhood food news.