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  1. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer Knocks Stars Off San Francisco’s Mission Chinese FoodThe salt-cod fried rice isn’t the same.
  2. Shaker Furniture
    Do Restaurants Without Salt Shakers on Tables ‘Smack of Arrogance’?Salt, wounds, and chefs with some complaints of their own.
  3. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Praises Both the Food and Drinks at Hard WaterThe verdict: two and a half stars.
  4. The Other Critics
    Roth Is Only Half Fond of Wine Kitchen; Bauer Calls Madrona Manor ‘a PoorAlso, Nicholas Boer reviews Juhu Beach Club.
  5. The Other Critics
    Food Critics’ Group Acknowledges the Internet, Revises Ethics CodeCompeting with bloggers, and staying anonymous, is tough these days.
  6. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Is, Predictably, Enamored With PadrecitoJust like its sister restaurant Mamacita, it gets three stars.
  7. The Other Critics
    Bauer Returns to Haven, Likes It NowHe says chef Kim Alter has ‘found her groove.’
  8. Lists
    Incanto, Absinthe, and Range All Dropped From the Top 100Also, longtime Berkeley favorites Rivoli and Corso get dropped as well.
  9. Lists
    Rich Table, Trick Dog, and Central Kitchen Added to the Chron Top 100Also, we’re guessing Bistro Aix and Va de Vi are getting dropped.
  10. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Is Less Than Pleased With HutongHe gives it two stars, and a lot of complaints.
  11. The Other Critics
    Bauer Still Digs Cupola; Boer Enjoys La Sen Bistro; Tsai Says Looks AreCupola retains two and a half stars.
  12. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Calls Miss Ollie’s a ‘Delight’The fried chicken remains the star.
  13. Mikey Likes It
    Delfina Can Still ‘Hit Every Note’, Says BauerHe gives it three stars overall.
  14. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer Finds a Few Things He Likes at Hi-LoIn the end, it gets two stars.
  15. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Displeased With Flora; Boer Only Sort of Likes LungomareBoth get two stars.
  16. Ch-ch-ch-changes
    Outerlands Begins Taking ReservationsThey took Bauer’s criticism to heart.
  17. The Other Critics
    Bauer Praises Skenes’s Food at Saison, Dings Them for Service, No ValetHe gives it four stars for food, but three overall.
  18. The Other Critics
    Roth Succumbs to the Power of the KronnerBurger; Bauer Says Adesso Has Slipped;Adesso’s star rating slipped, we think, but the stars aren’t online.
  19. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Raves About Trick Dog, Gives It Three StarsYep, three stars. To a bar.
  20. The Other Critics
    Bauer Pans Va de Vi, TwiceIt gets two stars, down from three, and Bauer re-writes the review a second time on the blog.
  21. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer’s Reviews Go Behind a Paywall. Sigh.The ‘Chronicle’ is hoping you will pay $12 a month.
  22. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Loves the Spice at Juhu Beach Club; Bauer Disappointed in Willi’sWilli’s gets two stars.
  23. The Other Critics
    Bauer Takes a Crack at Duende; Hirsch Finds Great Filipino Food at a Food CourtDuende gets two and a half stars.
  24. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Says Sons & Daughters Is ‘Spot on From Start to Finish’He ups them to three and a half stars.
  25. The Other Critics
    Patty U.’s Delighted By Ramen Shop; Bauer Impressed With the Food, Not theBauer gives Roxy’s two stars.
  26. Lists
    Yet Again, No Women Among the Chron’s Rising StarsThat would make four years running of no females in the mix.
  27. The Other Critics
    Bauer Less Impressed With Rivoli These DaysThe verdict: two stars.
  28. The Other Critics
    Bauer Likes Hillside Supper Club, But It Needs Editing; Kauffman Adores b.Bauer gives Hillside 2 stars.
  29. The Other Critics
    Bauer Says Incanto Has SlippedIn the end: two and a half stars.
  30. Mikey Likes It
    Mr. Bauer Admits Ramen Shop Is Really GreatAll told: three big stars.
  31. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Adores the Burger at Hog & RocksBauer gives Robin Song’s burger a stamp of approval.
  32. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Is ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ By Bravas Bar de TapasIt’s the latest Healdsburg restaurant from the Stark Group, which owns Willi’s Wine Bar.
  33. The Other Critics
    Mr. Bauer Still Loves Boot & Shoe; Boer Checks Out Saul’s in Berkeley;Boot & Shoe renews its three stars.
  34. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Raves About Bull Valley RoadhouseAll told: three big stars.
  35. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Adores Outerlands, Dings Them for the WaitHe gives them two and a half stars, but it should have been at least three.
  36. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Is Not On Board With the No-Reservations Generation, But He May Need to BeThe trend toward wait lists at smaller, popular restaurants may not please the Bauers of the world, but it hardly matters if the crowds are already there.
  37. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer Enjoys the Interior, Less So the Food, at HakkasanIt gets two stars, with one and a half for food.
  38. Quote of the Day
    Bauer Likes to Eat Mexican When He’s Blue
  39. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Loves Wakuriya in San Mateo Even More Than BeforeHe ups them to three stars.
  40. The Other Critics
    Michael Bauer Mostly Enjoys M.Y. China; Hirsch Discovers Some Great LebaneseArabian Nights has surprisingly good Lebanese food, in a space on Mission next to a smoke shop.
  41. The Other Critics
    Bauer Still Mostly Likes Claudine, Post-Chef-ShuffleStill: two and a half stars.
  42. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Kind of Hates The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse; Unterman Adores BarIt’s a sad one and a half stars for The Sea.
  43. The Other Critics
    Piccino Still Makes the Grade With Bauer; Roth Calls Rickybobby ‘a GreatMiller says the best thing at Ramen Shop is the wild nettle fried rice.
  44. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Likes the Old Chicago Flair at Capo’sAll told: two and a half stars.
  45. Foodienomics
    Jerk Leaves Screed About Obama In Place of Tip at CupolaSome rich guy who hates paying taxes tipped $3 on a $37 bill and left a note to explain why.
  46. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Says Gitane Has Got Its Groove BackHe gives it three stars, in fact.
  47. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Michael Bauer Nearly Died, Twice, Over His Holiday BreakMichael Bauer Nearly Died, Twice, Over His Holiday Break
  48. The Other Critics
    Bauer Let Down by Bistro Aix; Hirsch Pleasantly Surprised by Pacific CatchUnder-seasoned food is not okay with Bauer.
  49. The Other Critics
    Bauer Walks Down Memory Lane at Trident in Sausalito; Hirsch Delighted by BasqueTrident gets two stars from Bauer, and Hirsch and Roth both indulge in hearty fare.
  50. The Other Critics
    Bauer Says Café Des Amis Is ‘Less Ambitious But MoreThe big Marina brasserie gets upgraded to two and a half stars.
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