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  1. the year i ate new york
    What Is Kendall Roy’s Favorite Restaurant?Our diner-at-large heads uptown to cosplay Succession in the city’s swankiest dining rooms.
  2. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Cobb Salad in New YorkAn improvisatory recipe that became an icon.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    The Backstreet Boys Reunite at Beauty & Essex; Sienna Miller Hits Kappo MasaThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Roger Federer Fuels Up at Kappo Masa; Jennifer Lopez Eats at NelloThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Dine at the Spotted Pig; Dwyane Wade Stops byThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  6. Lunch
    The New Lunching Elite and the Inexorable End of the Power-Lunch EraGo ahead, get a killer burrito delivered.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Justin Timberlake Drinks at Bandit’s Roost; Taylor Swift Celebrates HerThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  8. Celebrity Settings
    Jon Hamm Eats Gluten-Free; Gigi Hadid Tries UplandThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Kristen Wiig at Locanda VerdeThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  10. Celebrity Settings
    Taylor Swift Eats Bread at Butter; Hugh Jackman Orders a Massive Breakfast atThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Harry Styles Goes to Therapy With a Kardashian; the Carrie Bradshaws Meet atPlus: A-Rod at Pacha, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrates at Tao Downtown; Pamela Anderson Carbo-Loads atPlus: Madonna dines at Gradisca, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  13. Celebrity Settings
    Kerry Washington Celebrates Her SNL Appearance; Natalie Portman BringsPlus: Bruce Willis ate at Dos Caminos, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  14. Grub Guide
    Twelve Outstanding L.A. Bars and Restaurants Bottling Their Own Booze and SodasPinot noir, natural sodas, sake, and bottle-conditioned cocktails are available across L.A. from some of our favorite places to eat.
  15. Caffeinated Combat
    Tierra Mia Coffee Heading to Echo Park; Demitasse Moving Next to Michael’sIt’s raining mud, Hallelujah!
  16. Breaking News
    Michael’s Changes Culinary Landscape by Serving Small PlatesKorean steak tacos and sliders: innovative!
  17. Celebrity Settings
    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Hit Nobu 57; Eli Manning Grabs Takeout FromPlus: Paula Deen at Asellina, Philip Seymour Hoffman at Wallsé, and more of this week’s celebrity dining.
  18. Celebrity Settings
    Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio Dance at Avenue; Daniel Radcliffe Gets BombedPlus: Mariah Carey at Serendipity 3, Jessica Biel at the Butcher’s Daughter, and more of this week’s celebrity settings.
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Leo Celebrates His 38th Birthday at the Darby; the Biebs Tries to Win SelenaPlus, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel chow down at Southern Hospitality, Emma Watson makes an appearance at Indochine, and more of this week’s celebrity dining.
  20. Menus
    Take a Look at Michael’s Brand-New Menu, Launching TodayThe new menu is a seasonal sprawl making room for vegans, pescetarians, carnivores, and pizza and pasta-lovers.
  21. Celebrity Settings
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite; Morgan Freeman Shows Off His Emmys at Blue FinPlus: Wyclef Jean at Gina La Fornarina, Shaquille O’Neal at LT Burger, and more of this week’s celebrity dining.
  22. Foodievents
    Jonathan Waxman Cooks With Neal Fraser at Strand House; Jose Garces Next Up ToWaxman insists he “didn’t have sex” with Neal Fraser.
  23. Cosmetic Surgery
    Michael McCarty Kinda Sorta Rebranding Michael’sThe chef, dishes, garden, and pricey artwork will remain as the restaurant converts into a “moderately-priced” brasserie.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Roger Federer Dines at EMP; Elisabeth Moss After-Parties at AjnaPlus, Kate Upton at Boom, Rumer Willis at the Tippler, and more of this week’s celebrity sightings.
  25. Quote of the Day
    More Musings From Michael McCartyThe Michael’s owner discusses his favorite part of running a restaurant.
  26. Closings
    Has Michael’s Gone to the Big Deli in the Sky?The longtime Brookline deli changes hands.
  27. Empire Building
    Jonathan Waxman Hasn’t Forgotten His L.A. PlansBut may need some help in the bedroom.
  28. The Grub Street Diet
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Will Eat Anything You Feed Him, Especially If It Is Baked or“When I was writing my book three years ago, I’d go to a bodega at eleven o’clock at night for a liter of Diet Coke, a couple beers, and my Stacey chips.”
  29. Tower of Power
    Jeremiah Tower Credits L.A. For Inspiring Stars and the Modern Restaurant“RW Apple called Stars the most democratic restaurant he had ever seen. But it was only because of that inspiration that came out of L.A.”
  30. Quote of the Day
    Another ‘Go F-ck Yourself’ From Owner of Michael’s, This TimeHe’s very shy.
  31. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    How to Do Michael’s on Six Bucks a NightWe never thought we’d see the original moneyed farm-to-table spot sport such low prices.
  32. Mixocalypse
    What to Drink at Ammo’s New Cocktail Bar, Debuting TonightThe best parts of Jason Robey’s menu appear to be the spectrum of included booze and the relatively low prices.
  33. Celebrity Settings
    Vince Young Bought Drinks for Drake and J. Cole; Katie Couric Dating Again, atPlus: George Lucas met with Francis Ford Coppola, Ivanka Trump celebrated her husband’s birthday, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  34. Mediavore
    Cappuccino: It’s What’s for Breakfast; Millionaires Weaned From Food StampsEspresso should be sipped after a meal and not its creamy counterpart.
  35. The Other Critics
    Virbila Undervalues L’Epicerie; L.A. Weekly Drops Its Best-Of’sWith no real criticism to offer, The L.A. Times critic gives Sebastien Archambault one and a half measly stars.
  36. Chef Shuffles
    John-Carlos Kuramoto Named Exec Chef at Michael’sThe chef , who worked at Animal and Providence, got the job by making twelve courses for owner Michael McCarty.
  37. Foodies With Benefits
    Who Will Be at Extravaganza for the Senses, July 16th in HollywoodThe Saban Free Clinic drops its foodie fundraiser for the 14th straight year.
  38. Crime Scenes
    Whitey Bulger Was Eating at Michael’s!A $192 bill for steak, lobster, and foie gras has us wondering if crime actually pays.
  39. Booze News
    Booze News: New Menus at Hemingway’s, Michael’s, and CanaThe new menus go heavy on rum, tequila, mezcal, and literary references.
  40. Mixocalypse
    L.A.’s O.G. Farm-To-Table Finally Goes Farm-To-GlassMicahel’s brings in mixologist Jason Robey to grow his own cocktail ingredients on the rooftop.
  41. Mixocalypse
    Michael’s Embraces Mixology and Taco TrendsWe only pray this taco trio doesn’t succumb to the horrors of store-bought tortillas.
  42. Inside Chefs
    Really? No L.A. Chefs Will Fess Up to Eating Frozen Burritos?Michael McCarty simply whips up a lobster and Iberico ham during his downtime.
  43. Quote of the Day
    McCarty Saves Devo From Making a Big Mess In The KitchenThe bassist of the legendary new wave band had an unlikely ally teaching him how to cook.
  44. Celebrity Settings
    Four Seasons Whips Itself Into a Name-dropping FrenzyJulian Niccolini pens a new column for the ‘Observer.’
  45. Empire Building
    The Jedi Returns To L.A.: Jonathan Waxman Looking For Restaurant SpaceNone other than former boss Michael McCarty starts a rumor that Waxman misses his friends and produce in California.
  46. Slideshow
    L.A. Roast Chicken Register: A Flight of SixWhile Brendan Collins holds a fiery funeral march for his roast bird, Joseph Gillard turns his into a breakfast item.
  47. Loco for Locavores
    Michael’s Leads Farmers Market Tours in Santa Monica“Market Meetups” will find the California cuisine pioneer preparing dishes with a specific seasonal ingredient before exec chef Mike Stern showcases his favorite vendors and market tips.
  48. Fashion
    A New Way to Wear Your Love for SuperdawgFaux-vintage t-shirts honoring Manny’s, Gino’s, Michael’s, Superdawg, and Ed Debevic’s.
  49. Celebrity Settings
    Is ‘WASP Cooking’ the Secret to a Successful Scene Restaurant?Comparing Kenmare to Buck’s, a deal-makers diner in Silicon Valley.
  50. Mediavore
    Good-bye, ESPN Zone; Michael’s Serves iPadsPlus: chefs refuse to go off menu, and manna appears on New York menus, all in our morning news roundup.
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