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  1. Guest Stars
    Micah Wexler Bringing Dead Chefs To Dinner at UmamicatessenMasterchef competitor Sharone Hakman will also offer an exploration of global barbecue at the Downtown restaurant.
  2. Guest Stars
    Micah Wexler Returns: Launching Umamicatessen’s New Guest Chef Concept ThisThe Residency will host national guest chefs over dinner once a week, starting with the former Mezze owner and chef.
  3. The Other Critics
    Jewish Journal Bemoans LA’s Lack of Haute DelisLA is definitely ready for a Mile End pastrami.
  4. Foodievents
    Evan Kleiman, David Sax, and J. Gold Take a Look ‘Beyond Bubbie’The personalities are getting together to schmooze on grandma’s home-cooking.
  5. Closings
    Mezze Driven Away By Noisy NeighborsThe restaurant hopes to relocate, while locked in a legal engagement with the construction zone next door.
  6. Frankenfood
    Alice Waters Urges Chefs to Rally Behind Prop 37The Chez Panisse legend is pushing a petition to her peers.
  7. The Other Critics
    Besha Rodell Glorifies Mezze; Gold Returns to Next Door by JosieThe L.A. Weekly critic gives Micah Wexler the standing ovation he deserves.
  8. Mixocalypse
    Mezze Spruces Up Its Bar and Cocktail MenuThe restaurant’s new cocktail menu was designed by the sous chef, not some mixologist-for-hire.
  9. The New Kid
    Rodell Rounds Up Local Foie BoostersMicah Wexler worries about the precedent being set, while Michael Voltaggio is excited for the challenge a ban may present.
  10. Let Them Eat Foie
    Animal Rights Group Won’t Allow L.A. To Enjoy Foie Gras Quietly While It LastsFollowing protests at Melisse last night, Wilshire will be next to host a multi-chef benefit dinner for C.H.E.F.S.
  11. Foodievents
    Here Pig, Pig, Pig: Cochon 555 Returns in MayAll things pork will once again be celebrated with five chefs and five heritage breed pigs.
  12. Menus
    M.B. Post Plans Brunch in 2012; Mezze Unleashes New Bar MenuExpect David LeFevre’s buttermilk bacon cheddar biscuits to provide a new angle on Eggs Benedict.
  13. Dinner
    Micah Wexler Brings Deli Classics to Mezze. Huh?Wexler is making matzoh ball soup and pastrami sandwiches at his Middle Eastern restaurant.
  14. Chef Thoughts
    What Do Our Chefs Think of The Zagat-Google Deal?Mezze’s Micah Wexler says of Zagat,” My restaurant friends and I would literally memorize the ratings and test each other…Over the last decade they’ve lost a lot of ground.”
  15. Mediavore
    Micah Wexler’s Favorite Ingredients; Five Guys on the RisePlus: A chocoholic fish was discovered, going back to boxed wine, and it turns out drunk isn’t the same for everyone.
  16. Menus
    Mezze Serves Five Courses for $55 Tomorrow, No Coupon Site RequiredMicah Wexler is pairing his modern Middle Eastern cuisine with Calivirgin olive oil for a night.
  17. Let’s Do Lunch
    Mezze Launches Lunch on ThursdayMicah Wexler adds Middle Eastern sandwiches and house-made Cherry Coke to his repertoire.
  18. Going All Night
    Have A Look at Mezze’s Late-Night Menu, Braised Tripe With Falafel And AllWexler’s late-night menu isn’t just sliders and short ribs, but a carefully constructed melange of European, Mediterranean, North African, and Middle Eastern influences.
  19. Openings
    Mezze Opens Tonight, See The Test MenuWe already want to try the poached egg shakshouka.
  20. Openings
    Micah Wexler Opens Mezze Next MondayThe Joel Robuchon vet plans an homage to the recipes and flavors of Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, and Morocco in the former home of David Myer’s Sona.
  21. Neighborhood Watch
    Post-Marathon Madness at Shangri-LA; Green Beer and Free Shakes at The CounterIn other news, Dakota Weiss starts cooking at The W Westwood and Olio PIzzeria is back in business.
  22. Superlatives
    BizBash Misses The Boat While Predicting 2011’s Most Anticipated OpeningsWe put Voltaggio’s Ink, Animal’s next project, Nancy Silverton burgers, and the rebirth of Grace way higher than a new Rosa Mexicano.
  23. Coming Soon
    La Cienega Update: Mezze Debuts in the New YearMicah Wexler’s Mezze now opening in February.
  24. Coming Soon
    Micah Wexler’s Mezze Taking Over Sona SpaceA menu encompassing several countries continues L.A.’s blossoming scene of modern Middle Eastern.