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  1. Bees Knees
    Miami Chef Surprises Jaded New Yorkers With HoneycombA Miami chef cooked at the Beard House last night and wowed the crowed with honey and cheese.
  2. NewsFeed
    Govind Armstrong Bringing His South Beach Magic North Given that we have now exported Craft to L.A., it’s about time for L.A. to return the favor. That seems to be on the horizon: Word is that Govind Armstrong, the former Spago prodigy and current toast of South Beach, is planning to open a restaurant here in NYC. (Or so we hear from a source who is close to the Table 8 chef.) Armstrong, who began his career at 13 working for Wolfgang Puck, has told intimates that the space is all picked out and the deal almost done, but he’s not giving a location until the lease is signed, and the restaurant itself is probably nearly a year away. Still, as the chef with the distinction of having prepared the only decent meal we’ve ever eaten in South Beach (not counting Wolfie’s, of course), we have to say that our city will be richer for having him.