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  1. Closings
    Own a Piece of Mesa GrillJust the thing for your apartment’s Bobby Flay room, not that you’d ever admit to having such a thing.
  2. Closings
    Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Closes This MonthThe Food Network chef’s flagship will close its doors on August 31.
  3. Mayor Flay
    Watch Bobby Flay Address Rumors of a New York City Mayoral RunA spice-rubbed chicken in every pot!
  4. Hustle And Flay
    Bobby Flay Reportedly Headed to Dancing With the Stars [Updated]Tango with Flay. That could really be its own show.
  5. Relocations
    Is Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Leaving Union Square? [Updated]What does the future hold for the groundbreaking restaurant?
  6. Landlords
    Flay Says Mesa Grill Might Not Be Moving After All“We’re renegoiating the lease … We hope to stay there.”
  7. On The Market
    Is Bobby Flay’s NYC Mesa Grill Moving?The building that houses Mesa Grill in Flatiron is looking for a new restaurant tenant.
  8. Two for Eight
    Tables Available at Morimoto; Within the Hour at Le Bernardin, FelidiaIt’s 4 p.m. and that means it’s time to play Two for Eight. Today: TV Chefs.
  9. Not Good
    Mesa Grill in Brain Damage SuitBad situation for Flay.
  10. The Other Critics
    Sifton Enjoys the Lavo Scene; Sietsema Falls for Flushing JointPlus: Ed Levine enjoys “American food with a New York point of view” at Riverpark, and Ryan Sutton hunts for white truffles, and more, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  11. The Grub Street Diet
    Alton Brown Makes His Own Avocado Ice Cream, Does Shots With John Hodgman“He whipped out a bottle of whiskey, I whipped out a bottle of whiskey. He whipped out some glasses, I whipped out some glasses. We sent an audience member to get ice.”
  12. Celebrity-Chef High Jinks
    Boy Meets LawBobby Flay’s restaurants are being sued.
  13. Slideshow
    What to Drink When You’re ExpectingArea bars and lounges have beverage options for pregnant women that go beyond soda water and a lime.
  14. As Cooked on TV
    Cardoz to Serve ‘Iron Chef’ Menu, Opponent Flay Loves Paul SmithPlus, it’s Outrageous Ingredients Week on ‘Iron Chef Japan.’
  15. Newsfeed
    Thriller Imagines a Killing at Tenjune, $2 Beers at Plug UgliesProsecutor turned thriller writer Alafair Burke’s latest novel, ‘Angel’s Tip,’ is based on the club killings of Jennifer Moore and Imette St. Guillen.
  16. Mediavore
    Manipulated Milk Prices?; Americans Still Throwing Food AwayPlus: Mesa Grill’s role in a forthcoming mystery novel, what Michael Huynh is up to, where Kid Rock eats barbecue, and more in our morning roundup of food news and gossip.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    Hot-Chocolate Frenzy in Flatiron; Know You’re Eating Sperm in MidtownAstoria: Sunswick is having an Abitas beer promotion on Sunday with drink specials, but if you’re less concerned about game day, you could check out the renovation at Il Bambino. [Joey in Astoria] Carroll Gardens: Naturally Delicious caterers, who also did this blogger’s wedding, will deliver a V-Day menu that includes baked oysters, lobster bisque, tenderloin, a cheese plate, and a Valrhona flourless chocolate cake to those who want to stay in but aren’t able to whip up our sexy stash of recipes. [A Brooklyn Life] Flatiron: City Bakery kicks off its monthlong hot-chocolate festival tomorrow, which highlights rotating “additional flavors, from Caramel or Banana Peel to the Chili Pepper or even Beer varieties.” [Restaurant Girl] Midtown East: If you show up at Sakae Sushi and find that it’s closed for a couple of days, you can stop into nearby Yakitori East on 44th Street. Just remember: The winter specialty shirako that their menu dubs as “soft cod roe” is “rather beige globules of sperm sacs.” [Gothamist] On February 12, eliminate “menstrual and sexual health concerns” through food at D’Or; let’s hope there’s chocolate involved. [Love Your Femme via Gridskipper] Union Square: Mesa Grill impresario Bobby Flay just got back from Greece and would fly there again for all that “delicious Greek olive oil and some lemon and some potatoes and Greek salad,” but if he would just stay in New York, maybe Mesa Grill would have been able to hold on to more of its stars. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
  18. NewsFeed
    Breaking: Did the ‘Times’ Review Bury Mesa Grill’s GM?We’re hearing a rumor that Mesa Grill GM Daryl Swetz has been let go as a result today’s Times review, which downgraded the restaurant to one star. We’re wondering whether the server who flippantly told Frank Bruni that the sixteen-spice-crusted chicken contained “salt, pepper and 14 other spices!” also got the boot. We called Mesa for comment and were kept on hold for fifteen minutes. Sluggish service indeed! We tried calling again and learned that Swetz isn’t in today. We’ll let you know when we hear back from the restaurant. Got other tales of post-Bruni restaurant realignment? Leave them in the comments. Mesa Grill Review [NYT]
  19. The Other Critics
    Mesa Grill Keeps One Star, Barely; Richman Rejuvenated by DovetailMesa Grill loses a star, but this is one of the worst one-star reviews you’ll ever read, even going so far as to compare it to gulag gourmet: “During one dinner the three slivers of chicken in the appetizer tacos were among the most shriveled, desiccated pieces of meat I’ve seen outside a bodega buffet at 3 a.m.” [NYT] Related: Salute the Gulag Gourmet Movement Now this is something cheering: Alan Richman found a tablecloth restaurant that got him genuinely excited. Dovetail’s food, he says approvingly, is “exuberant and shocking” — in a good way. [Bloomberg] Paul Adams hits Cooper Tavern, a not particularly ambitious hotel restaurant recently given a “meh” review by Frank Bruni, and likes it a little better, although the fries are “pathetically poor” and the pork chop is “hardly going to be the talk of the city’s pork chop grapevine.” We can testify that that part is true. [NYS]
  20. Openings
    Video Proof: NYC About to Be the City That Has It All Earlier this week we lamented that you can’t ride a mechanical bull in these parts without first riding the PATH train. That’s fixin’ to change tomorrow, when subterranean Tex-Mex spot Johnny Utah’s opens with a $25,000 mechanical bull front-and-center in a seventeen-foot-diameter ring (the law requires eight feet on each side). The beast, which will have nonfunctional “grazing” and functional “running-of-the-bulls” hours, was custom-built and trucked in from Idaho by a cowboy-writer named Cody, who the owners (also involved in Gin Lane) say is “the bull guy” (visit mechanicalbulls.com if you want your own). “Our mechanical bull is our mascot,” says Bobby Rossi (the mascot, by the way, costs $10,000 per year to insure). “We’re not an adult Chuck E. Cheese.”
  21. NewsFeed
    Employees Only Aims for That Forties Feel in Their New RestaurantWord got out on a bulletin board the other day that Employees Only was acquiring the old Marylou’s space on 21 West 9th Street near Sixth Avenue. EO bartender and co-owner Jason Kosmas tells us more: “It’s going to be much more of a restaurant than a bar. Think of the difference between Lucky Strike and Balthazar.”