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  1. Closings
    Soho’s MercBar Will Become a Tory Burch StoreThe bar lasted twenty years.
  2. Closings
    MercBar Closes for Good“It’s sad and nostalgic, but it’s time.”
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite; Morgan Freeman Shows Off His Emmys at Blue FinPlus: Wyclef Jean at Gina La Fornarina, Shaquille O’Neal at LT Burger, and more of this week’s celebrity dining.
  4. The Grub Street Diet
    Entrepreneur John McDonald Doesn’t Do Dessert, Drinks Rosé During a“The rain was not coming down hard quite yet, so stopped at MercBar for a quick margarita, and to see the staff and locals who were tired of being indoors.”
  5. Anniversaries
    Mercbar Turns 16 With Many Happy HoursFeel like a teenager again by ordering off the Soho stalwart’s “Retro Hour” menu.