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  1. Coming Soon
    C.J. Jacobson Opening Studio City’s GirasolThe tallest of Top Chefs says he’ll be at Mercantile until the debut of this seasonally-driven restaurant.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Stefan Richter Gets Ripped“The guy is a…bastard,” says C.J. Jacobson.
  3. Openings
    George Abou-Daoud Opening Rosewood Tavern Next Week on FairfaxThe Hollywood heavy has even found the energy to decorate his seventh project.
  4. Chef Shuffles
    Patina Names Kris Morningstar Exec Chef at Ray’s and Stark’sThe chef is preparing a menu with Joachim Splichal.
  5. Raw Bars
    District Adds Oyster Bar, Won’t Stop Until It Has EverythingA trend is building where restaurants are more than just restaurants, adding butchers, bakers, and bivalves.
  6. Chef Shuffles
    Kris Morningstar Leaves District and Mercantile, Plus Two Ideas For His Next GigThe chef’s right-hand man, Kevin Napier, will take over the kitchens at George Abou-Daoud’s co-joined Hollywood Blvd. restaurants.
  7. Closings
    Gone Is The Glow Of Blue Velvet In DowntownThough some residents complained, it’s hard to imagine they’ll see the likes of Kris Morningstar anytime soon.