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  1. Dude Food
    Welcome to the New Age of Dude FoodThis Bud’s for you, brah.
  2. Lists
    America’s ‘Manliest’ Restaurant Is In PittsburghThe restaurant’s sandwiches are certainly meaty and testosterone-appropriate.
  3. Lists
    Annals of Bro-hood: NYC’s Manliest Restaurant; the City’s Best DiveBecause meat makes the man, and so does drinking in some out-of-the-way craphole.
  4. Food of the Future
    Yes, Grant Achatz Can Make a Killer BurgerWe never knew ‘Men’s Health’ was so interested in molecular gastronomy!
  5. Douchebaggery
    Rocco DiSpirito, Paragon of ‘Men’s Health,’ Hosts UrbanathlonRocco balances being a superstar celebrity chef and a triathlete.
  6. NewsFeed
    Padma Wants to Be a Human Fondue Stick, Poses for Padmarazzi How did we miss this? According to Rush & Molloy, “chef-vixen” Padma Lakshmi has offered to pose on the cover of Men’s Health wearing nothing but chocolate. (Perhaps she was inspired by Lydia Hearst smothered in caviar?) Laddy gossip site F-listed has wasted no time jumping on this news and posted no fewer than a dozen photos of Padma outside of the Waverly Inn a few nights ago. (If you prefer video, TMZ has just that.) Or did you think that because she just bought a place in Alphabet City she’d be spending her nights at Lakeside Lounge? Padma Lakshmi in the Nude [F-listed] “Top Chef” Tap Dance [TMZ] Mmmm … Padma Lakshmi Buys in East Village for $1.65 M., Replaces Fifth Avenue-Bound Parker Posey [NYO]