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Melissa Weller

  1. the bagel wars
    Melissa Weller Blows Up the BagelThe minimalist maven debuts a new “bigger, softer, squishier” bagel at Gertie.
  2. foodievents
    Philly’s Pizzeria Beddia Will Come to New York for One NightThe pizza spot with a cult following will take over High Street on Hudson next week.
  3. the dish
    High Street on Hudson’s Radish Tartine Is Spring on a PlateThis collaboration between the restaurant’s new baker Melissa Weller and new chef Mary Attea is all blushing-pink crunch and runny golden yolk.
  4. good carbs
    Bagel Maven Melissa Weller Is Baking Again in New York at High Street on HudsonWest Village brunch has never looked better.
  5. A Famed Baker Is Launching a Croissant-a-PaloozaA new pastry program will debut at Rebelle’s brunch service this weekend.
  6. The Grub Street Diet
    Melissa Weller’s Grub Street Diet“I eat one palmier, and then I think I eat at least a couple more.”
  7. Coming Soon
    How Sadelle’s Baker, Melissa Weller, Plans to Revive the Bagel“Melissa is to bagel baking as the Neapolitan Pizza consortium is to pizza making,” says Mario Carbone.
  8. Bagels
    Torrisi Team to Debut Sadelle’s Bagels, Sticky Buns at San GennaroThe guys will preview their new shop, featuring Melissa Weller’s naturally leavened bagels (with improved “everything” seasoning), and house-cured lox.