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Melia Marden

  1. Changes
    The Smile Team Takes Ruschmeyer’s in MontaukChanges on the East End.
  2. Bookshelf
    How to Make the Smile’s Glorious, Beloved GranolaMelia Marden shares the secret of her wildly popular (and super simple) recipe.
  3. Video Feed
    Watch the Smile’s Melia Marden Give Kool Keith a French Toast TutorialThe rapper breaks a few eggs.
  4. Bookshelf
    Cookbook Deal Gives Melia Marden Something to Smile AboutThe chef at the Smile will publish ‘Manhattan Mediterranean.’
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Friends Tell You Where to EatMario Batali and other famous people recall their most memorable meals out.
  6. Openings
    Abandoned Double Crown Location to Open As Instantly Hip Boutique-CaféA couple of guys from Earnest Sewn and the daughter of artist Brice Marden will open the Smile.