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  1. Neighborhood Watch
    New Noodles in the EV; Isa Gets a Liquor LicensePlus: Felice launches aperitivo hour, Huckleberry Bar hosts a mac-and-cheese-off, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  2. User’s Guide
    If You Can’t Dance at Beatrice, Then Where?Until now a list of Manhattan’s cabaret licenses hasn’t been available online, but we’ve acquired one so you can do the all-the-rage tektonik — legally!
  3. NewsFeed
    East Village Yacht Club Finds New Place to DockA friend of Grub Street who was at the East Village Yacht Club last night gives us the following intel: “Apparently they are moving to a new space. Last night was their last open evening. They’re moving to a two-floor space on Bowery and Bond. They’ll open there in a week.” Perhaps he’s referring to the space on Bowery and Bleecker that used to house Mannahatta? An employee of the Bowery Poetry Club, which is leasing out its front café, says an owner of the East Village Yacht Club checked the space out but won’t be moving in. It took a hundred years, but the Bowery has officially gone from McGurk’s Suicide Hall to the East Village Yacht Club.
  4. Back of the House
    Fake Fines, Mandatory Tanning, and $40 EntréesThe latest industry news: politicians enforcing draconian restaurant rules, restaurant requiring waitresses to tan, Rachael Ray earns backhand compliment. Owner Dave Brodrick on the new Blind Tiger’s liquor-license battle: “It has left a bad taste in our mouths.” No, not of booze. [NYDN] The Bulgarian bar Mehanata also fights the good fight. [Eater] Score one for the little guys: A city worker gets busted doling out fake fines. [NYDN] Cellies to stay in city eateries. [NYS] Ralph Lauren looking to buy a dining and lodging club in the Hamptons? [NYP] “Forty is the new thirty,” according to one of the many restaurants charging the big four-oh for entrées. [NYT] Rachael Ray: “Ditzy like a fox.” [NYT] Study shows that restaurants dish out heaping helpings. [USA Today] Mandatory tanning? Inside the Hawaiian Tropic Zone’s waitress dorm. [NYP]