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Mechanical Bulls

  1. Foodievents
    Percy Street’s Ride the Bull Night Gets CompetitiveTeams will square off to see who can hold on the longest.
  2. Foodievents
    P.Y.T. Hosts a Buck Wild Cinco De MayoFor a more raucous affair, take a turn on P.Y.T.’s mechanical bull.
  3. Health Concerns
    Williamsburg’s First Mechanical Bull Claims First VictimBe very, very careful when you ride this beast — or, like us, your graceless dismount may result in an injury so horrid that we cannot show it here.
  4. Lawsuits
    Judge to Mechanical-Bull Victim: Buck Off!This is exactly why we only ride mechanical bulls in New Jersey.
  5. In the Courts
    Mechanical BullshitScreenwriter Aaron Schnore is suing Johnny Utah’s because he was hurt after that bull’s operator ‘whipped it up into a violent frenzy’ and tossed him.
  6. NewsFeed
    Braving Mason Dixon: The Painfully Self-Aware Mechanical-Bull BarWe’ve already seen the interior of Mason Dixon, but this weekend we braved the dreaded Lower Eastpacking District™ to see the latest mechanical-bull spot in full swing. (Don’t ever suggest that Grub Street is not willing to make sacrifices for you, dear reader.) No line down the block as with the Shamlians’ other bar, Fat Baby, but we definitely got our fill of blonde highlights (girls), cropped haircuts (guys), and designer-knockoff bags. Plus a steady stream of woo-hoos and yee-haws, thanks to those $10 bull rides. We personally enjoyed the totally wasted guy who didn’t seem to realize he was impersonating the Freedom Rock commercials and who certainly wasn’t aware of this place’s problem with the neighbors when he yelled, “Turn it up, man! Make it louder, man!” Yeah, man! Chef Andrew Robertson was lurking by the bar — latest word is no food till Friday night. In the meantime, as you can see by this photo of the men’s-room door, the place is at least being honest about itself. Earlier: Yonkers Chef Presents City’s ‘First Authentic Southern Restaurant,’ Second Mechanical Bull
  7. User’s Guide
    Jersey Still Bucking NYC in the Mechanical-Bull Department Manhattan’s first two mechanical bulls (one expected at Johnny Utah’s, coming to the Rockefeller Center Hotel; the other rumored to be coming to a bar called Evan Ford in the Lower Eastpacking District) still haven’t sprung from the gate, so where is one to celebrate the Running of the Bulls festival now under way in San Fermin? New Jersey, naturally.