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  1. lawsuits
    Cat Cora Sues Meatpacking Restaurant Fatbird for Not Paying Her $400,000She wants money and an injunction against further use of her name.
  2. meatpacking
    New USDA Rules Make It Harder for Big Meat to Screw Small FarmersTyson and other companies have promised to fight this “overregulation.”
  3. Openings
    The Wayland Team Introduces a Stylish, Healthy-ish High Line SpotIt’s called the Wild Son.
  4. News
    Real-Estate Deal Might Not Bode Well for BarbutoA lot has changed on Washington Street in the last 12 years.
  5. Openings
    First Look at Bubby’s New Meatpacking Outpost, Open 22 Hours a DayIt’s conveniently located across from the High Line.
  6. Icons
    Florent Space Sold to DelShah Capital; King & Grove Now Owns Hotel ChelseaTwo of the city’s most iconic locations have just changed hands.
  7. Openings
    Marc Forgione to be Chef at Abe & Arthur’s RedoThe chef, who was last month seen looking to open a project in the old Duane Park space, is also expanding to the meatpacking district.
  8. Empire Building
    Seamus Mullen Heading Up Standard Hotel’s Seasonal RestaurantThe meatpacking location’s Standard Plaza eatery will operate until September 30.
  9. Nightlife
    First Look at Toy, Now Open in the Old Tanuki Tavern SpaceReps would like you to think of this as a “multifunctional dining experience.”
  10. Crunk Brunch
    Bagatelle’s Boozy ‘Le Brunch’ Returns Ce Week-endMagnums of Champagne all around!
  11. Quote of the Day
    Sarah Silverman Makes a Meatpacking CrackShe’s such a purist.
  12. Munchies
    Spice Market Lures MePa Partiers With New Late-Night MenuGet some food in your system.
  13. Nostalgia
    Meat in the Meatpacking District Is Still a Thing, But BarelyWhere beef is a ghost.
  14. Mediavore
    Fat Duck to Serve Whale Vomit For Christmas; Cannabis Cafe Coming to PortlandA British restaurant serves the ultimate in gross-out food, while a Portland Cafe attempts to serve marijuana with food.