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  1. cooking
    Can Meal Kits Keep Us Connected to Restaurants, and Each Other?Once-shunned, meal kits have taken on new importance in the age of coronavirus.
  2. the underground gourmet
    The Underground Gourmet Re-creates Altro Paradiso at HomeIgnacio Mattos’s meal kits are a welcome reprieve from quarantine cooking.
  3. not the future
    What, Exactly, Is Going on With Blue Apron?It was supposed to be the future of cooking. But now, it’s on the brink of collapse.
  4. special delivery
    Can Meal Kits Ever Catch On?Recent moves by major players reveal an industry that simply can’t justify its own existence.
  5. Blue Apron Will Roll Out Chrissy Teigen Meal KitsThe celebrity partnership will adapt dishes from Teigen’s best-selling cookbook.
  6. meal kit woes
    Blue Apron’s Shares Now Worth About As Much As Bodega CoffeeShares of the troubled meal-kit company are running about $1.80 each.
  7. meal kits
    Blue Apron Plans to Sell Its Meal Kits in Grocery StoresIt’s in “active conversations” with supermarkets.
  8. Costco Now Sells an All-Pastel Doomsday-Prepper Food KitIt’s 36,000 servings you can distribute however you see fit.
  9. meal kit woes
    Blue Apron Lost Over 25 Percent of Its Subscribers Last YearA new report indicates that the number of people using Blue Apron has dropped from over 1 million to roughly 750,000.
  10. ipos
    Meal-Kit Start-up HelloFresh Thinks an IPO Will Make It Worth $1.8 BillionHas the Blue Apron rival just come out of a coma?
  11. setbacks
    Blue Apron Laid Off Hundreds of Workers YesterdayThe CEO called it a “painful” companywide “realignment” in a letter to employees.
  12. grocery wars
    Albertsons Is Buying Meal-Kit Start-up PlatedIt’s the first grocery chain to gobble up a meal-kit business.
  13. meal kit woes
    Blue Apron Has Started Laying Off EmployeesThe struggling company fired its recruiting team and announced a hiring freeze.
  14. lawsuits
    Blue Apron Hit With Multiple Lawsuits Alleging It Misled InvestorsIts historically bad IPO has brought out the lawyers.
  15. meal kits
    Blue Apron Had the Most Disappointing IPO of the CenturyShare prices rank dead last for big IPOs after six weeks since the year 2000.
  16. A New Study Says Meal-Kit Services Could Actually Make You HappierPeople feel good when other people do things for them, like shopping for dinner.
  17. meal kits
    Amazon Is Already Selling Meal KitsThey’ve been out in the wild since at least late June.
  18. empire building
    Amazon Already Registered a Trademark for a Meal-Kit ServiceIt wants to use the chipper motto, “We do the prep. You be the chef.”
  19. meal kits
    Trendy New Meal-Kit Service Requires Buying a $400 ‘Smart Oven’Tovala thinks the future is baking everything in a Wi-Fi-enabled combi oven.
  20. meal kit woes
    Blue Apron Stock Is Now Cheaper Than a Blue Apron MealOne research firm even says the target price should be just $2 a share.
  21. meal kit woes
    Does Anyone Actually Like Blue Apron?The meal-kit-delivery service’s stock-market debut was unimpressive.
  22. Blue Apron Slashed Its IPO Price by a ThirdLaunching in the Amazon–Whole Foods aftermath is less than ideal.
  23. ipos
    Blue Apron Says It Could Be Worth $3 Billion After Its IPOThe Whole Foods effect is very real.
  24. meats
    The Founder of Niman Ranch Is Partnering With Blue ApronThe meal-delivery start-up also bought Bill Niman’s BN Ranch.
  25. meal kits
    Tom Brady Has Launched a Meal-Kit Delivery ServiceThey still follow his ultrarestrictive diet, but don’t look half bad.
  26. meal kits
    Blue Apron Shipped Food for 3 Years Without Proper Government ApprovalIt registered last month, three days after a damning report came out.
  27. food start-ups
    Nearly All Meal-Kit-Delivery Customers Bail After 6 MonthsData shows that half of Blue Apron’s leave after the first week.
  28. workers’ rights
    Second Blue Apron Warehouse Supposedly Plagued by Ongoing ViolenceA New York Post report claims Jersey’s distribution center is “a real fight club.”
  29. Did Blue Apron’s Fast Growth Create Sweatshoplike Conditions in Its Warehouse?A report says violence, safety violations, and low pay plague the meal-kit service’s Bay Area fulfillment center.
  30. food waste
    A New Start-Up Says It’s Solved Meal-Delivery Services’ Biggest ProblemIt’s replaced kits’ tremendously wasteful packaging with a single reusable cube.