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  1. Mediavore
    Korean Tacos Go National; Menu Expands at MeadowlandsPlus: a rooftop garden restaurant, and macarons at Buckingham Palace, all in our morning news roundup.
  2. Beer Me
    Drink the MeadowlandsThe latest toll road beer from the N.J.-based brewery
  3. Back of the House
    Nobu Looks for an Opulent SuitorDo you have a valuable brand name? A blue-chip reputation sanctified by the food media? Do you need ready capital — for expansion, debt reduction, or even retirement in your golden years? Just sell out to the nearest major conglomerate looking to add a bit of class! On her Website’s new gossip page, New York’s Insatiable Critic, Gael Greene, reveals the details of the latest rumored arranged marriage: this one between Nobu and Colony Capital, “the force behind Xanadu, the 2.2.-million-square-foot sports, leisure, shopping and family entertainment complex sprouting in the Meadowlands.” Is Nobu Matsuhisa playing Kubla Kahn? Insatiable Critic: Short Order
  4. NewsFeed
    We’d Rather Eat at Citi Field Than at the Meadowlands There’s no doubt that when the new Meadowlands launches two years hence, the food will be a huge upgrade from the current swill. But will it match the heavenly food court that Citi Field (a.k.a. the new Shea) has in store? No chance, a source close to the action tells us. While both venues are powered by the need to feed luxury-box owners, Citi Field is open to multiple restaurateurs. So not only will there be a Shake Shack and another TBA Danny Meyer restaurant, but Mets fans might also get a Batali-Bastianich joint and a Myriad Restaurant Group offering.