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  1. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Using Classical Music to Calm Drunk CustomersA little Bach apparently encourages everybody to chill the eff out.
  2. lawsuits
    Transgender Worker Claims McDonald’s Banned Her From Both BathroomsShe was given a toilet in a storage closet that she had to clean herself.
  3. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Forced to Give French People Forks and Knives With BurgersBut you have to buy the $15 “top-of-the-line” sandwich.
  4. the chain gang
    The Trump Administration Just Handed McDonald’s a Big Labor WinBye-bye Obama ruling that interpreted fast-food companies as “joint employers” alongside franchisees.
  5. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Billboard Near Colorado Border Makes Solid Marijuana JokeA billboard advertising breakfast burritos jokes, “Usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal!”
  6. food thefts
    Truck Driver Sells $20,000 Worth of Bootleg McDonald’s Ingredients in HarlemA bodega there bought bacon, cheese, pancakes, and more.
  7. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Pulls Ad Saying If Your Dad Dies, You Just Need a Filet-O-FishBereavement groups called the ad “offensive.”
  8. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Getting Rid of Hi-C OrangeIt’s being phased out for a new, “proprietary” Sprite called TropicBerry.
  9. the chain gang
    Americans Continue to Devour McDonald’s All-day BreakfastThe company’s earnings are up again, thanks to McMuffin sales.
  10. lawsuits
    Brooklyn Graffiti Artists Claim McDonald’s Stole Their Work to Sell BurgersThey’re threatening to sue the chain for putting their art in a new ad.
  11. video feed
    Ronald McDonald Reaches His All-time Creepiest in This Inevitable It ParodyTwo YouTubers finally cast McDonald’s mascot as Pennywise.
  12. the chain gang
    People Want the FBI to Give McDonald’s Workers the Facebook Killer’s RewardThe crew that helped stop Steve Stephens did earn the $50,000.
  13. the chain gang
    Boy Steals Dad’s Van and Drives Himself to McDonald’s After DinnerThe 8-year-old told police that he “just really wanted a cheeseburger.”
  14. the chain gang
    Irish Burger Chain Says McDonald’s Is Hoarding Trademarks That Start With ‘Mc’Supermac’s contends that soon “any McGrath, McCarthy, or McDermott with a business idea” could get a cease-and-desist.
  15. the chain gang
    You Can Now Apply to Work at McDonald’s Via SnapchatIn Australia, social media is the new résumé, it seems.
  16. the chain gang
    Rick and Morty Is Demanding McDonald’s Bring Back the Mulan Szechuan SauceIt was more or less the plot of a surprise episode this weekend.
  17. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Finally Going to Serve Meat Patties That Aren’t FrozenQuarter Pounders will get fresh beef by mid 2018.
  18. the chain gang
    Is a 94-Year-Old McDonald’s Worker’s Story Heartwarming or Mildly Distressing?She vows she “never plans to leave.”
  19. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is About to Make Its Coffee Even CheaperIt’s trying a new strategy to defeat Starbucks.
  20. the chain gang
    Guy Proves He’s the One by Proposing With a Ring Inside a McNuggets Box“Her love for chicken nuggets is, I’m sure, more than she loves me.”
  21. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing All Sorts of New Gourmet FoodYay?
  22. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Give Away 10,000 Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce on January 26This is what your life’s been missing.
  23. Watch: How to Make Mark Bittman’s Signature ‘Chicken Marknuggets’You can use this recipe for other meats, too.
  24. Starbucks Is on Track to Become the World’s Biggest Restaurant ChainOne industry watcher says the coffee behemoth is only going to get bigger in the years ahead.
  25. the chain gang
    Why Fast-Food Chains in India Are Working Extra Hard to Recruit Female WorkersThey even offer self-defense and gender-sensitization classes.
  26. lawsuits
    Lawsuit Claims McDonald’s Extra Value Meals Are Actually a RipoffAn Illinois man is pissed about a combo that’s 41 cents more than buying the items individually.
  27. A U.S. Marshal Pulled His Gun on a McDonald’s CashierPolice say he thought the food was taking too long, so he involved his service weapon.
  28. war on christmas
    Yikes, McDonald’s Holiday Cups Look X-RatedThe pair of overlapping mittens definitely resembles a bent-over butt.
  29. the chain gang
    It Got Even More Impossible for New Yorkers to Avoid Dunkin’ Donuts in 2016It’s now got more locations citywide than Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Papa John’s combined.
  30. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Make McCafé Coffee All Fancy NowProbably better steel yourself now for single-origin McCafé cortados.
  31. rip
    The Man Who Invented the Big Mac Has DiedMichael Delligatti created the iconic burger nearly 50 years ago.
  32. the chain gang
    Here’s McDonald’s Latest Plan to Make Its Restaurants Less MiserableIt’s something restaurants have been doing… forever?
  33. the chain gang
    Just Move to Italy So You Can Eat McDonald’s New Nutella BurgerA sandwich with none of a McDonald’s burger’s usual downsides, like meat or cheese.
  34. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Finally Testing Mobile OrdersBecause, yeah, it’s 2016.
  35. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Put Its Make-Your-Own-Burger Program Out of Its MiseryThose fancy $10 sandwiches somehow weren’t a hit.
  36. lawsuits
    McDonald’s Will Pay $3.8 Million in Its First-Ever Legal Settlement With WorkersAnother victory for workers’ rights.
  37. the chain gang
    McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Still Americans’ Only Comfort During Awful ElectionSales continue to grow, thanks to afternoon McMuffins.
  38. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Finally Deals With the Fact That Its Burgers Kinda SuckThe chain is trying to process that only one in five millennials has ever tried a Big Mac.
  39. the chain gang
    Workers Accuse McDonald’s of ‘Rampant’ Workplace Sexual HarassmentThey claim managers rubbed their genitals against them and tried to pay for sex.
  40. the chain gang
    Jack in the Box Is Launching an All-Day ‘Brunchfast’ MenuSomebody beat them to all-day breakfast, apparently.
  41. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing Breakfast Happy MealsThere will soon be no time of day when your kid can’t demand one.
  42. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Japan Rolls Out Pumpkin-Spiced FriesThe chain chooses to ruin the one thing it sort of does right.
  43. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Opened an Entire Restaurant That Doesn’t Serve BurgersA new location in Paris does away with Big Macs in favor of club sandwiches and coffee.
  44. the chain gang
    Experts Say McDonald’s Preservative-Free McNuggets Are Still Full of B.S.They’re not fans of a new ad claiming the chicken chunks are “what’s best for our kids.”
  45. the chain gang
    The Most Popular Restaurant in the Olympic Village Is … McDonald’sAthletes say the line has stretched farther than a football field.
  46. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Warns Pumpkin Spice Lattes Will Arrive This Very MonthIt’s broken the unwritten rule of never pumpkin-spicing anything before September.
  47. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Roll Out ‘Cleaner’ McNuggets NationwideThe long-mocked item is losing its artificial preservatives.
  48. drunk and disorderly
    A McDonald’s Is Testing a ‘Walk-Through’ for Drunk CustomersPartiers are invited to stumble over for a meal “after their night out.”
  49. bad ideas
    McDonald’s Online Create-a-Burger Contest Got Out of Hand Very QuicklyGive the public a chance to name things, and you know it’s going to get gross fast.
  50. the chain gang
    Franchisees Argue It’d Be Dangerous to Serve Unfrozen Beef at McDonald’s“Chipotle will be a walk in the park if we have an incident.”
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