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  1. the chain gang
    Now McDonald’s Is Reaping the Benefits of the Pokémon Go PhenomenonEvery restaurant in Japan is about to be a gym, and the company’s stock is surging as a result.
  2. the chain gang
    Starbucks Says No More Surfing Porn on Its Wi-Fi, EitherThe company says it’s working on a filter that doesn’t “involuntarily block unintended content.”
  3. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Tired of Everybody Watching Porn on Its Free Wi-FiIt tells an internet-safety group it’s added a filter to stores’ internet.
  4. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Finally Adding McGriddles to Its All-Day Breakfast MenuIt’s about time!
  5. fast-food brawls
    Even Jon Snow Starts a Brawl at McDonald’s SometimesKit Harington’s black eye might have helped him land the part.
  6. Awful Customers
    Girls Attack McDonald’s Worker for Shushing ThemNYPD says his request got a 17-year-old fist to the face.
  7. Health Concerns
    Even the Maker of M&M’s Thinks Americans Eat Too Much CandyMars wants fast-food chains to quit adding its products to their already-unhealthy desserts.
  8. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Moving Into Oprah’s Old Chicago StudiosRenting cooler offices is apparently a “significant step” toward building a better McDonald’s.
  9. The Chain Gang
    Pusha T Wrote McDonald’s ‘Lovin’ It’ JingleThey don’t seem to be lovin’ it.
  10. Lawsuits
    Man Claims McDonald’s Drive-Through Discriminates Against Blind PeopleHe’s filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the chain.
  11. The Chain Gang
    Turns Out the Robot Apocalypse Will Begin at Fast-Food RestaurantsSkynet? More like FryNet.
  12. Video Feed
    McDonald’s Workers Brawl Over Apple PiesIt’s clearly time for the weekend.
  13. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Figured Out the One Way to Make Its Burgers GrosserMake them the color of fluorescent mold!
  14. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Giving Away Gold Fries in JapanTo win, all you have to do is take photos with a special McFry filter.
  15. The Chain Gang
    Against All Odds, McDonald’s Begins Testing Beef That Isn’t FrozenThe chain cautions it’s “very premature to draw any conclusions” yet from the 14-store test.
  16. The Chain Gang
    San Francisco Inexplicably Loves McDonald’s New Garlic FriesIt’s the chain’s take on a local favorite.
  17. The Chain Gang
    Taliban Fighters Are Unimpressed With McDonald’s Food“We live in the rough, tough mountainous areas and need energy and power to fight against the enemy.”
  18. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Removing Some of the 32 Ingredients in Chicken McNuggetsA “cleaner” version with no artificial preservatives launches this summer.
  19. The Chain Gang
    Former McDonald’s CEO Predicts a $15 Wage Will Trigger Massive Layoffs“Thousands of entry-level opportunities” will vanish.
  20. Dumb Criminals
    An Apparent Felony: Filling a McDonald’s Water Cup With SodaThis man probably should have just paid the $1.49, but instead he fought back.
  21. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing Out Big Mac SizesThere’s a larger size, too.
  22. Serious Food Experiments
    New York Post Forces Reporter to Endure French-Fry Feeding FrenzyIs the paper attempting a human version of BuzzFeed’s exploding-watermelon experiment?
  23. The Chain Gang
    A New McDonald’s Will Offer All-You-Can-Eat FriesThe company calls it the “McDonald’s of the future.”
  24. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Eliminates Most-Loathed Menu ItemYou won’t be missed, McWrap.
  25. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Unleashes a ‘Giga’ Mac in JapanIt’s a real monster.
  26. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Trademarks a New Slogan: ‘The Simpler the Better’An odd choice for a chain whose ranch sauce literally contains 42 ingredients.
  27. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Working on a Rewards ProgramStarbucks, watch out.
  28. Video Feed
    Big Macs Finally Meet Their Match: Molten CopperEven still, the industrial-strength burgers don’t go down without a fight.
  29. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Latest Happy Meal Is a Virtual-Reality HeadsetIt’s part of a promo in Sweden.
  30. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Clarifies It’s Not Selling Horse Burgers in KazakhstanThe chain won’t go that far to “cater to Kazakh national cuisine.”
  31. The Chain Gang
    Trump Claims He Gets McDonald’s ‘Fish Delight’That doesn’t exist — at least not for plebians.
  32. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Fiddling Around With a Chicken-and-Waffles SandwichIt’s being tested in a couple of Ohio locations.
  33. The Chain Gang
    Someone Paid $96,000 for a Bottle of McDonald’s Special SauceThe only bottle available to the public in the U.K., or something.
  34. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s New Kale Salad Has More Calories Than a Big MacThe new chicken Caesar is one of the unhealthiest items on the Canadian menu.
  35. Lawsuits
    McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks Are the Focus of a Class-Action Lawsuit NowNow the chain is being accused of deceptively marketing filler as actual cheese.
  36. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Happy Meals Will Come With Books Instead of ToysKids are going to be ecstatic.
  37. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Will Tempt Fate and Expand Its All-Day Breakfast MenuThe chain plans to see if adding McGriddles to the mix will make or break their all-day offerings.
  38. Fast Food Crisis
    McDonald’s Serving Mozzarella-Less SticksJust as sales were improving and things were starting to turn around.
  39. GMOs
    Un-Bruisable GMO Potatoes Are One Small Step Away From the MarketThe FDA has given its stamp of approval.
  40. The Chain Gang
    Ridiculous Terms Chains Use for ‘Fast Food’Shake Shack is “fine casual,” while Arby’s is now “fast crafted.”
  41. The Chain Gang
    Consumer Groups Accuse McDonald’s of Price-Gouging Franchisees on RentThey claim the chain is charging up to ten times the market rate in the EU.
  42. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Launching Stand-alone Coffee ShopsThe line between a McDonald’s and a Starbucks gets blurrier.
  43. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is About to Have Major Tax Trouble in EuropeThe EU plans to investigate if the chain dodged over $1 billion in taxes.
  44. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Instates Plan to Improve Drive-Through InaccuraciesUnfortunately, it’s going to make wait times even longer.
  45. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Fined For Anti-Immigrant PoliciesThe Justice Department says the chain will pay $355,000 and retrain employees.
  46. Lawsuits
    A McDonald’s Worker May Have Exposed Thousands to HepatitisYikes.
  47. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Menus Will Change With the WeatherThe “smart” technology has already proven effective at convincing people to buy more McFood.
  48. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Will Keep America Fat by Offering $1 Mozzarella SticksThey roll out nationwide in 2016.
  49. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Former CEO Just Joined a Vegan Start-upDon Thompson has joined forced with Beyond Meat.
  50. Wage Protests
    Can Fast-Food Wage Protests ‘Sway’ Election?Next Tuesday’s rallies will take place in more than 250 cities.
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