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  1. Lawsuits
    Vongerichten Sues Developer Over Matsugen Space$400,000 is a lot of soba noodles.
  2. Coming Soon
    Once Japanese, Matsugen Space May Be Turning RussianTribeca may be getting all Tribec-Da.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Aquavit Hosts Salmon Week in Midtown East; 30-Year-Old Deli Closes in WestPlus: Los Feliz offers new happy-hour specials, 1534 launches spring cocktail menu, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  4. Closings
    Matsugen to Shutter This SaturdayDid Jean-Georges bet wrong about soba catching on in New York?
  5. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef Zak Pelaccio Needs His Greens, Drinks Home-Distilled Absinthe“I had a glass of Cory’s home-distilled absinthe with ice and water. I was finishing Keith Richards’s book, and I needed something strong for that.”
  6. The New York Diet
    Nate Appleman Tastes His Way Through Pulino’s Menu“I had handmade mozzarella, braised broccoli rabe, beans and bacon, potatoes and pepperoni, spicy egg sandwich with roasted peppers and provolone, and lasagna.”
  7. Video Feed
    How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Makes SobaBuckwheat noodles are made with a mix of old technique and new equipment.
  8. Trends
    High-end Sushi Takes a Recession HitA look at the unraveling of the sushi trend.
  9. The Other Critics
    What Ryan Sutton Liked in 2008Matsugen, apparently.
  10. Recession Is Your Friend
    Jean-Georges’s ‘Gift to You This Season’: $24 Lunches and $35The chef is offering prix fixe specials at all of his restaurants.
  11. The Other Critics
    Cuozzo Issues Gag Order to Restaurateurs Who Don’t Dig Their ReviewsSteve Cuozzo tries to shut up restaurateurs, such as Alain Ducasse and Alain Allegretti, who’ve been sniping back at critics.
  12. The Other Critics
    Double Crown Looks Better Than It Tastes; Price-Conscious SushiPlus: reviews of Yerba Buena, BarBao, the Libertine, and others in our weekly critical roundup.
  13. Other Blogs
    You Liked the Food at Philippe? ARE YOU HIGH? Oh Wait, You Are.A new blog rates restaurants on the basis of ‘blazeability.’
  14. NewsFeed
    Steve Cuozzo Is Mad As Hell and Not Going to Eat It AnymoreThe ‘Daily News’ curmudgeon calls out several tired trends.
  15. Beef
    Jean-Georges Gently Corrects Platt’s ‘Mistake’Our silly restaurant critic! How little he understands Japanese food, right?
  16. In the Magazine
    One Star for Matsugen; The Best Organic Hot DogA new Petraske bar, DIY ricotta, trendy chef’s hats, and more in this week’s magazine.
  17. NewsFeed
    Jean-Georges Basks Briefly in Soba GlowThank God for Japanese customers.
  18. The Other Critics
    Three Stars for Matsugen; Yerba Buena Turns Out to Be GoodJames drops the ball with one critic and scores with another (less influential) one, and more, in our weekly review roundup.
  19. NewsFeed
    Jean-Georges a Partner in Co Pizzeria; Steakhouse Next?Plus, news of a new Vongerichten steakhouse on the Upper East Side.
  20. The Other Critics
    Matsugen Racks Up Raves; Persimmon Brought Down to EarthMatusgen triumphs, Forge passes, and more, in our weekly review roundup.
  21. Engines of Gastronomy
    Matsugen’s Mill Is Constantly GrindingAn ancient technology modernized for today’s soba kitchen.
  22. NewsFeed
    Will Soba Be Another Japanese Crossover Hit?What Japanese specialties find success in New York, and which ones don’t.
  23. NewsFeed
    Vongerichten Bets on SobaRamen be damned. Jean-Georges Vongerichten opens a soba restaurant.
  24. In the Magazine
    Summer Eats: Lobster, Popsicles, Beer, and SobaCold noodles, cold beer, and hot lobsters: a summer guide to food.
  25. Neighborhood Watch
    Octopus Takes Well to the Spin Cycle; Eighty One’s Deceivingly Cheap Prix FixeMisguided discontent with Matsugen already brewing and looking forward to as many tacos as you can carry in the East Village, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    The Return of NYC ICY; Chelsea’s Latest Wine BarMatsugen serves a wide range of Japanese treats, and not all best-sliders lists are equal, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  27. NewsFeed
    Vongerichten Soba Palace Matsugen to Open TomorrowGet ready for another soba temple.
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Matsugen Is on the Way; How to Make Ribs Like Blue SmokeBrooklyn’s overrun by hooligans (as usual) and what goes into the Back Forty cocktail, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  29. NewsFeed
    Vongerichten’s Soba Plans Back On; Japanese Food Superstore Coming Too? Though a deal is not yet signed, we can report that Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s partnership with Japanese restaurateurs the Matsushita brothers is back on. The building that used to house 66will become a long-awaited soba restaurant and maybe something even better: a three-story Japanese megamarket. The soba restaurant, Matsu Gen, is envisioned as the anchor to what one source familiar with the project described as a “Japanese Zabar’s.” (A similar Japanese megamart, the Mitsuwa Marketplace, exists in Edgewater, New Jersey, and is a mecca for Japanese cooks and aficianados from all over the greater New York area.) It’s not definite that the full three-floor bazaar will come to pass, but the restaurant, at any rate, seems to be coming into focus. Earlier: Vongerichten’s Soba Plans May Be in the Soup Vongerichten May Deep-Six 66, Serve Sushi and Soba Instead
  30. Mediavore
    Pret a Manger Set for Huge Expansion Here; Ramsay Bans BluefinBritish sandwich chain Pret a Manger is launching an expansion of Starbucks-like proportions, announcing plans to open 33 more locations in New York — four times the current number. “If New York could support one on every corner, we’d love that,” the company’s head says. [NYS] Related: Out to Lunch [NYM] Urged by the Marine Conservation Society, Gordon Ramsay pulls endangered bluefin tuna from all his restaurants. [NRN] The Department of Health’s current closure rampage continues with Union Picnic in Williamsburg, Café Angelique, and J’adore in Manhattan. [Eater]