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Matamoros Puebla Grocery

  1. R.I.P.
    Taco Tragedy: Matamoros Becomes a Nail SalonCue “This Used to Be My Playground.”
  2. NewsFeed
    Taco Wars: Out With Matamoros, In With the Taco TruckA reader writes in with sad news: “Looks like Matamoros Puebla Grocery on Bedford Ave — with its great taqueria in the back — has finally closed after having a For Sale sign in its window for 18 months or so. Walked by yesterday and they were gutting the place. I’d just eaten there a couple days before but they didn’t say anything about it closing, so maybe they’re just renovating. But it didn’t look like it to me.” If Matamoros has indeed taken a fatal hit, this truly is a tragedy, but here’s some consoling news — Bad Wizard front man Curtis Brown says his taco truck will hit Bedford and North 7th in ten days max and he is “beyond stoked.” We must confess, so are we! Earlier: Taco Wars: Rockers Open New Front in Williamsburg