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  1. the feeding tube
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Cook Scrambled Eggs Over, and Over, and OverIf you haven’t picked up on the technique by now.
  2. Television
    MasterChef Junior Names Its Latest Adorable WinnerNathan Odom makes a mean tea tart.
  3. Interviews
    Christina Tosi on Her New MasterChef Gig, Cookbook, and Milk Bar Outpost“It’s okay to be a grown-up and handle your business, but to also say, ‘I don’t ever want to grow up!’”
  4. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: Okay, This Is Pretty AdorableThe show is much more entertaining than you might think.
  5. R.I.P.
    MasterChef Contestant Josh Marks Has DiedThe Chicago native had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  6. The Feeding Tube
    The World’s Cutest Shills: How Kids’ Cooking Shows Turn ChildrenFor a number of reasons, shows such as ‘MasterChef Junior’ are able to avoid advertising restrictions that apply to traditional children’s programming.
  7. The Feeding Tube
    Gordon Ramsay Is Just a Tragic WorkaholicHis expletive-filled antics are really just the tears of a clown, or something.
  8. The Operating Table
    Graham Elliot Lost 91 Pounds in Less Than Two MonthsThe weight-loss solution has been effective.
  9. Uh-Oh
    MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks ‘Turned Into God’ by GordonThe seven-foot-two reality-television-show contestant apparently did not respond to three cops pepper-spraying his face.
  10. The Operating Table
    Graham Elliot Got Some Severe-Sounding Weight-Loss SurgeryDon’t read this if you don’t want to know what a “sleeve gastrectomy” is.
  11. TV Land
    Where to Audition For Masterchef in L.A.The show is casting confident home-cooks again for its next season.
  12. Imports
    Graham Elliot Reveals West Coast Expansion PlansThe chef cites the state’s product and his Masterchef shooting schedule as prime motivators.
  13. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Alejandra Schrader Pops Up at The Brewery, Saturday in DowntownThe Masterchef contestant is pairing four courses with the wares of Firemen’s Brew.
  14. Leftovers
    Roosevelt Island Updates; Scorpion Bowls at Marc ForgioneAnd more of today’s leftovers.
  15. TV Land
    Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy Take Los Angeles, Share a Bowl of Gummy BearsThe three French chefs are in town to shoot Masterchef and tweet a lot.
  16. Casting Calls
    Masterchef 3 Holds Its First Open Casting in L.A.Home and amateur chefs are all invited to Cordon Bleu on Sunset Blvd.
  17. Food TV
    Watch the Dalai Lama’s Appearance on MasterChef AustraliaHis Holiness doesn’t have anything bad, really, to say about you or your food.
  18. Food TV
    Why Does Everyone Love Food TV So Darn Much?There’s so much of it out there, but why, exactly, do we keep watching?
  19. Video Feed
    Graham Elliot Update: Lollapalooza Confirmed and MasterChef PreviewGraham Elliot is back in the news.
  20. TV Land
    Where to Line Up For More of Gordon Ramsay’s Abuse on MasterChefBring one dish and as much charisma as you can muster for a stern dressing down by Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich.
  21. Top Chef
    Report: Top Chef Will Return to New YorkPlus, a MasterChef spoiler?
  22. Food TV
    Graham Elliot Bowles on MasterchefBowles has been hyping his new TV recently, and that’s meant some great interviews.
  23. TV Land
    Will MasterChef Be Great TV or Bloody Rubbish?What are the critics saying about Gordon Ramsay’s new show, ahead of tonight’s premiere?
  24. Lawsuits
    Batali May Face Further Legal WoesPlus, ‘Masterchef’ is “American Idol for foodies.”
  25. TV Land
    Joe Bastianich Will Not Suffer Fools Gladly on Gordon Ramsay’sAnd Gordon Ramsay will spit out a fish taco.
  26. Video Feed
    Who in SF Is Auditioning for Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef?Take a gander at the newest crop of would-be reality TV gourmandes auditioning last weekend for Fox.
  27. Mediavore
    MasterChef Auditions Draw a Crowd; A New Kind of Coke BottlePlus: Bobby Flay gets a new byline, and more melamine in China, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. TV Land
    Gordon Ramsay Is Calling All MasterchefsHow to try out for Gordo’s cooking-competition show.
  29. Mediavore
    Todd English Flees the Paps; Jeremy Piven Grows PapsPlus: Morton’s is scoring fine wines at auctions, and Thanksgiving tips for small kitchens, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Food TV
    U.K.’s Masterchef Coming to Fox, Care of Gordon RamsayThe ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ chef will produce the new cooking-show import.