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Masterchef Junior

  1. Video Feed
    MasterChef Junior Gets a Lot More Interesting When It’s Dubbed WithGordon Ramsay’s lines change quite a bit.
  2. Television
    MasterChef Junior Names Its Latest Adorable WinnerNathan Odom makes a mean tea tart.
  3. Interviews
    Christina Tosi on Her New MasterChef Gig, Cookbook, and Milk Bar Outpost“It’s okay to be a grown-up and handle your business, but to also say, ‘I don’t ever want to grow up!’”
  4. The Feeding Tube
    Momofuku’s Christina Tosi Joins MasterChef Junior and OriginalShe’s replacing Joe Bastianich.
  5. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Finale Recap: All the MarblesIt’s salt-crusted branzino versus modernist raspberries.
  6. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: ButcheredThings did not go well for the girls this week.
  7. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: Au Revoir, OonaThis week’s challenge causes problems for everyone.
  8. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: Slightly Less Adorbz Than UsualThe entire episode had a strange mercurial undercurrent.
  9. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: Meet Gordon Ramsay’s MumAnd see what happens when kids get strapped together while baking cupcakes.
  10. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: Okay, This Is Pretty AdorableThe show is much more entertaining than you might think.
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    Watch a 14-Year-Old Chef Make the Official Cronut RecipeIt doesn’t hurt things that the kid chef could make macarons in less than an hour when he was 12, but still.
  12. Emo Gordo
    A Short History of Gordon Ramsay’s Softer Side Post-KitchenHis long-running show is over, so now he’s ready to cuddle?
  13. Quote of the Day
    Gordon Ramsay Says Reality TV Is Just As Good As Live SportsIt’s all about dealing with pressure.
  14. Casting
    MasterChef Junior Casting Season 2Time to perfect the brunoise.
  15. Quote of the Day
    MasterChef Junior’s Sarah Lane on the Perils Faced by Pint-SizeIt’s hard to garnish the plate when you can’t reach the pass.
  16. The Feeding Tube
    The World’s Cutest Shills: How Kids’ Cooking Shows Turn ChildrenFor a number of reasons, shows such as ‘MasterChef Junior’ are able to avoid advertising restrictions that apply to traditional children’s programming.
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    Watch the Trailer for Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior“Whip it!!! Whip like a man!!”